• Dead Space 31

    Dead Space 3 Demo Review: Intense Combat on an Icy Planet

    If you happened to sign up for the early release of the Dead Space 3 demo on the Xbox 360, you’ve probably already seen the intense 30-45 minutes of gameplay that the demo shows off. If not, or if you’re waiting for next week’s release of the demo on PS3, you are missing out on an adrenaline rush unlike any other.

  • Xbox1

    Get an XBox for $99

    If you’re someone who doesn’t already have an XBox 360 or are looking to score one, now is the time to buy! Right now, you can get an XBox from Best Buy and Game Stop for just $99. This is for a limited time, so you better grab one now.

  • Xbox 360 4gb Kinect Bundle1

    XBox 360 Holiday Bundles Now Available

    I’m a big fan of console gaming and love my XBox 360. But for those of you who still don’t have one, there are some great holiday bundles coming your way.

  • Get an XBox for $99

    In case you’ve been wanting to get an XBox 360, but were a little short on cash, GameStop has a deal for you. For $99, you can buy a refurbished XBox 360, which is about the cheapest you’re probably going to find it anywhere. It comes with a 90-day warranty as well as a 20GB hard drive, wireless controller, headset, HD component cables and an ethernet cable.

    Not a bad deal at all.

  • Xbox1

    Microsoft E3 Press Conference Summary and Video

    This is always my favorite press conference as the only console I own is an XBox 360. I never did feel that PS3 had enough titles to justify its cost. And XBox at E3 always blows me away. I’ll have to admit that everything Microsoft announced this year had been previously leaked or rumored, so there were no big announcements or surprises.

  • XBox 360 Finally Gets Hulu Plus

    This was announced yesterday, but I downloaded Hulu Plus on my XBox 360 today and gave it a test run. It was really odd how the announcement was made only a day before it was available, but it did give me something to look forward to today that wasn’t the royal wedding.