• Thorgi

    Geeky Pet Friday: Thorgi

    I know, I know, this adorable dog dressed up like Thor has been making its round on the internet, so I’m not doing anything original here, but how could I not share it, too? I mean, LOOK AT IT!!! If this cuteness doesn’t give you a serious case of puppy love, you must have a heart of stone.

  • Thor

    New The Avengers Trailer features Thor

    I’ll admit that I’m still not sure if I’ll be seeing The Avengers. Not because I don’t think it’s an awesome movie, but because I have a terrifying fear from childhood of The Hulk. No, I’m serious! I used to have nightmares about The Hulk.

  • Thor Movie Chris Hemsworth

    Patty Jenkins exits “Thor 2″

    It was a pretty big deal being able to announce the first woman to direct a Marvel movie, but now it seems like that may not happen. Patty Jenkins, who was set to take over the reigns from Kenneth Branagh for the Thor sequel, has stepped down from the project, according to ComicBookResources.com.

  • Thor Movie Chris Hemsworth1

    Thor 2 to be first Marvel movie directed by a woman

    The sequel to blockbuster Thor will have a woman at the helm of the film. Marvel Studios has announced that Patty Jenkins will take up the mantle left behind by the first film’s director, Kenneth Branagh. Jenkins is best known for her directorial work with Monster, as well as directing the pilot episode of AMC’s The Killing.

  • Thor Movie Chris Hemsworth 300x223

    There will be a Thor 2

    As I’ve already stated, I loved Thor. As far as superhero films go, it was unique. A lot of this had to do with Kenneth Branagh’s direction, not to mention a great script that was much more intelligent than the likes of say a Green Lantern or X-Men: First Class.

  • Thor Movie Poster1

    Thor: A Review

    So as a geek, I guess I should go see movies at midnight on the day they come out, right? I mean, isn’t that what all the fan girls do? There’s just one problem. I like to sleep. And I don’t really like crowded movie theatres. Especially rowdy midnight type movie crowds. I also don’t really do the whole Friday and Saturday night opening thing either. Because well… it’s expensive! And again… crowded.

  • Thor2

    Thor Parodies Volkswagen “The Force” Ad

    In an interesting turn of marketing, the movie “Thor” has taken to parodying commercials for promotion. I have to admit, I think this is pretty clever. Not to mention, little boys dressed up as villains and superheroes is just too cute.