• Bane

    Bane, The Telemarketer

    In case you’re not tired of that unintelligible voice of Bane’s from The Dark Knight Rises, Funny or Die has put together a hilarious new video. Imagine if Bane were a telemarketer played by Chris Kattan. But wait, you don’t have to imagine it, check out the video.

  • Nightwing

    Nightwing rises in this fan-made film

    After watching this short fan-made film about the Nightwing character, I’m sort of wanting to see this film made now. I’ve always liked Nightwing and I believe he fits well in the universe Nolan has created for Batman. Yes, I know, Nolan is done with the franchise, but would anyone truly have issues with someone else picking up the reins?

  • RISE

    The Dark Knight Rises is a fitting end to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy

    First thing’s first: This review is spoiler-free. Which means it may be a little short, but that’s okay. In fact, the very best thing I can say is that you should go see The Dark Knight Rises for yourself. It’s equally as good a film as the previous The Dark Knight and in some ways, it may be even better.

  • Sending thoughts out to those in Colorado

    As I’m sure everyone is aware of by now, there was a shooting in Aurora, Colorado last night during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises. I just wanted to take this time and this space to say that I am thinking of the victims and families of the victims after this awful crisis.

  • RISE

    Batman vs. Bane: The Trailer

    Finally! We’re getting a The Dark Knight Rises Trailer that shows us Batman and Bane going at it. And the battle looks pretty epic, if this teaser can be trusted.

  • RISE

    The Batcopter puts in an appearance in new The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

    Is it just me or are movie-makers getting trailer happy these days? It seems a new trailer is released every few days for upcoming films. Remember the good old days when there would be one trailer that you just might be lucky to catch on t.v.?

  • Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Poster

    Catwoman crushes Batman in new The Dark Knight Rises poster

    I hope all of you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend. In case you missed it, a few new The Dark Knight Rises posters were released while we were enjoying BBQ and some extremely hot weather. I submit this one poster for your approval because, well, it’s awesome.

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