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    Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Review (Spoilers)

    This is not so much of a review as a me re-stating that I did not feel that this extended cut was really needed for the end of Mass Effect 3. But some angry fans demanded it and Bioware caved in to the pressure, and guess what? Those fans? STILL NOT SATISFIED. Which is about what I expected.

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    The ASA rules Mass Effect 3 ending not misleading

    According to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the ending of Mass Effect 3 was NOT misleading. Yes, this is obviously still news. A lot of angry fans filed complaints, but in the end, the ASA deemed that Bioware did not mislead its customers with false advertising.

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    Free Mass Effect 3 DLC coming out Tuesday

    So everyone griped and griped about the ending and now it seems that Bioware is trying to make amends to upset Mass Effect 3 fans. Me? I was fine with the ending, but I do applaud the company for giving up some free DLC.

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    Mass Effect 3: The end is here and I liked it

    So I finally managed to finish Mass Effect 3. Yes, I took my time. I’m one of those players that has to explore every single quest and every single dialogue option. I feel I get my money’s worth this way and by completely immersing myself in the wonderful story that Bioware has put together, I’m more invested in the game for doing this.

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    More Female Shepard from Mass Effect 3: Take Earth Back

    Bioware has really embraced the female version of Commander Shepard with Mass Effect 3 and I, personally, could not be more thrilled. Another trailer entitled “Take Earth Back” has been released with what is soon to become everyone’s favorite video game character.

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    Mass Effect 3 Official Launch Trailer

    Only one word can be used to describe this brand new shiny Mass Effect 3 Official Launch trailer: EPIC. So I’m going to go wipe the drool off around my lips and attempt to patiently wait for March 9th when the game hits stores (yes, I’ve pre-ordered it).

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    Mass Effect 3 trailer: the reapers have landed!

    We’ll have Mass Effect 3 in our hands in just a few short weeks and Bioware is busily teasing us with all these wonderful trailers. Check out this one, appropriately titled “Take Earth Back.”

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