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    Guest Post: Five James Bond Gadgets I’d Love to Own

    Super spy James Bond is always surrounded by the latest technology and most awesome gadgets. Here’s a list of the five best gadgets from the film series.

  • On The Web Wednesday: The Spy Who Loved His Car

    The CraveOnline.com team has done it again – but this time, with James Bond. In this newly-released video, aptly titled “The Spy Who Loved His Car,” James Bond loves his Aston Martin more than anything else.

  • Skyfall

    Skyfall is James Bond at its Finest

    I have several friends who refuse to see a Daniel Craig James Bond film. My response to them? That’s more of Daniel Craig for me! But no, I really think they’re missing out.

  • Skyfall

    First Skyfall clip shows James Bond in action

    I am super-psyched about the upcoming James Bond Skyfall movie. I’ll admit that I nodded off during the previous movie (I did see it in London and I blame jet lag), but this one looks to be back on par with Casino Royale.

  • Skyfall

    New Skyfall Trailer brings the James Bond action

    I found the first Skyfall trailer a little vague and not all that interesting. Of course, I think it was meant to be more of a tease than an actual trailer. Fortunately, a new action-packed trailer packed with the “wow” is now available. And this one is so good that I’m now getting anxious to see this film in the fall.

  • Skyfall

    Skyfall: The Official Teaser Trailer

    Well, it seems that James Bond is back. After a rather not-so-good showing for Quantum of Solace, there are high hopes that the new Bond film, Skyfall, will be a return to what made Casino Royale so very good.

  • Ben Whishaw2

    James Bond has a new Q in “Skyfall”

    I honestly did not know that there would be a new Q cast for “Skyfall,” as the actors of the previous two Bond films are remaining the same. And I’m actually a little disappointed that Q won’t be portrayed by the always-lovable John Cleese.

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