• Bat Cat

    Geeky Pet Friday: Bat Cat

    Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy of films may be over, but Gotham still has a hero. I introduce to you: Bat Cat.

  • Loki Cat

    Geeky Pet Friday: Loki Cat

    The Avengers costumes + pets? What’s not to love? Remember the Thorgi photo I posted awhile back? Well now, Thorgi has a nemesis: Loki Cat.

  • Skyrim Kitty

    Geeky Pet Friday: Skyrim Kitty

    Dear Skyrim, I’ve played hours and hours of you, but there’s one enemy in-game that I can never defeat. There’s this one large cat that keeps getting in my way, sometimes just sitting down in front of everything and grooming herself. Even my fireballs cannot blast her away.

  • 20120423 132835

    Geeky Pet Friday

    TGIF, right? But not only do we have the weekend to look forward to, but also my weekly Geeky Pet Friday. You’re excited, right? This week’s pick was an easy one. I might be a little biased but this kitty is the most awesome kitty in the whole world.

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    Geeky Pet of the Week

    I’m trying to come up with more regular series here on the blog and get you all to submit me some really cool ideas. So in addition to Web Series Wednesdays, I also want to introduce you to Geeky Pet Fridays. Some of you have sent me in photos of your wonderfully geeky animals, and I would like to share those with the world.