• Fringe: The Zodiac Paradox Book Review

    Fringe: The Zodiac Paradox Book Review

    In Fringe: The Zodiac Paradox, a young Walter, William and Nina face a serial killer from another universe and must figure out how to send him back.

  • Fringe Butterfly2

    Fringe: This is The End – Make It Good

    So who has been watching the final season of Fringe? It’s hard to believe that it will all be over tomorrow night, but the cold hard reality is that we finally have to say good-bye to Walter, Peter and Olivia. But just how exactly will it end?

  • Seth Gabel

    Fringe’s Seth Gabel to Join Arrow

    Holy crap, Arrow! Are you trying to steal all the genre actors away and put them on your show? First, John Barrowman, then Tahmoh Penikett and now you’re adding Fringe’s Seth Gabel, too? I’m not sure I will be able to contain my fangirl squeals this time.

  • Dr Walter Bishop Fringe

    Walter plans to save the world in new Fringe trailer

    There are only a few days left until the season premiere of Fringe. Who’s excited? I AM! And with this anticipation comes a new remixed trailer that gives us scenes from what we saw last season combined with what we can expect this time around.

  • Walter Fringe

    Walter is broken and beaten in new Fringe promo

    We are getting plenty of teasers for the new (and last) season of Fringe. We already know that the Observers are coming and that the future is looking pretty bleak for our favorite team of investigators. But in this new clip, it looks like Walter has some torment coming to him.

  • Fringe Butterfly2

    Fringe: The Observers are coming

    So who else is counting down the days until the final season of Fringe begins on September 28th? If you aren’t yet, watch this trailer and tell me you’re not getting goosebumps already?

  • Fringe Butterfly2

    Fringe cast thanks the fans

    It’s no secret that Fringe got a 5th and final season in large part due to fan demand, especially on social media. Well, now the cast of Fringe has put together a video thanking all of us for our support. How cool is that?

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