• E3 Round-Up: What's Going On So Far

    E3 Round-Up: What’s Going On So Far

    This year’s E3 is off to an explosive start. With next-gen consoles and new games accompanying them, what’s in store for 2013?

  • E3 20121

    E3: Day 3 Wrap Up

    Well, the press conferences are over and all that’s left are more game trailers and gameplay videos. So without further ado, I give you the best of the goodies that were presented at E3 yesterday.

  • E3 20121

    E3: Day 2 Wrap Up

    I was fortunate enough to catch most of Nintendo’s press conference today. I have to admit that I am now rather impressed with the Wii U. Not only was the ZombiU title mentioned, but other games I’m interested in (including Assassins Creed 3) are coming to the new console.

  • E3 20121

    E3: Day One Wrap-Up

    I have to admit that going into this year’s E3, I just am not all that excited. Most of the games I’m looking forward to have already been announced and have had trailers released. No major surprises are anticipated and talk of new consoles seems to have been put off until next year (save for the Wii-U, which I find, personally, uninspiring).

  • Skyrim Dgdlc

    Pre E3-Weekend Round-Up

    So E3 is upon us. And with the anticipation of that, video gaming news and info. is flowing in. First up? We’ve got a release date for Tomb Raider, a Dishonored gameplay trailer and potentially free Skyrim DLC.

  • E31

    E3 Final Day

    Today is the last day of E3, but that doesn’t mean there still aren’t news and announcements coming out of the conference. To start with this morning, I have a few:

  • E31

    E3 2011: More Game Trailers, Demos and Video

    E3 still has a few more days to go and although the major press conferences are over, there are still plenty of games we’re seeing new trailers and new gameplay for. Here’s a few to get you started this morning:

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