• Comixology

    ComiXology now accepting self-published works

    Attention all aspiring comic book writers and artists. ComiXology is now accepting self-published works. As a self-published author, I am obviously excited when I hear news like this.

  • Arrow Damaged Barrowman Exclusive

    First look at John Barrowman in Arrow

    The main reason I planned on watching Arrow is John Barrowman. It’s no secret that I loved him in Doctor Who and Torchwood, so I am really looking forward to seeing him on an American television show. And now, thanks to THR, we have some screenshots of him in action on the Arrow series.

  • Deadwood

    Ian McShane joins cast of American Horror Story

    I have refrained from the trailers for the upcoming season of American Horror Story. I suppose I have concerns that the show won’t work a second time around, although the story is completely different for season 2.

  • Batgirl

    On the Web Wednesday: Batgirl Spoiled

    I have been following the making of the Batgirl: Spoiled web series since a friend pointed it out to me. The good news is that we have to wait no longer. The first episode is now live.

  • Getglue

    WTF happened to GetGlue?

    Last night, as I was preparing to launch Dishonored (you can read my initial review of the game here), I remembered that I needed to check-in to the game on GetGlue. I have used GetGlue since its launch to sort of advertise what I’m listening to, what I’m playing and what I’m watching. But lo and behold, the new GetGlue site launched. And with it, they apparently deleted the games, books and music on the site.

  • Star Wars

    Norman Rockwell paints Star Wars

    I saw this little piece of artwork on Pinterest and could not help but squealing over the cuteness of it. Imagine if Norman Rockwell had painted scenes from Star Wars.

  • Women Of Strength Banner

    Celebrating women of strength

    The month of October will be celebrating womanhood! The strength, beauty, and inspiration that women hold and provide to the world everyday. Women carry many titles: mothers, daughters, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, best friends, nieces, granddaughters, chef, laundry person, nurse.