• Dark Shadows Johnny Depp

    How Tim Burton screwed up Dark Shadows

    Have you seen the new trailer for Dark Shadows (posted below)? Is it just me or does this look like a parody of Dark Shadows instead? I was really excited that we’d get to revisit the Collins family, but after looking at this, I just groan.

  • Husbands

    Help fund Husbands, Season 2

    I know, I know, you’ve heard me go on and on about the Husbands web series non-stop, but if you’ve watched it, you’ll understand why. It’s funny and adorable and sweet and features some really amazing talent, both on-camera and off-screen. And one of my favorite writers, Jane Espenson is behind it. How could it not be amazing?

  • H DF4VMN25Mu 680090

    Help out a fellow Doctor Who fan with cancer

    The one thing I love about Doctor Who fans is that we really band together when one of our own is suffering. So I’m posting this in hopes that we can help out a fan once again.

  • Dr Walter Bishop Fringe

    The Fringe team’s favorite Walterisms

    Let’s face it, Fringe‘s Walter Bishop is probably one of the most interesting characters on television. And a lot of that has to do with John Noble’s incredible portrayal of that character. It’s a shame that the idiotic Emmy voters haven’t caught on yet, but we Fringe fans know better, right?

  • Lostgirl2

    Lost Girl: Has Bo met her match?

    On an all-new Lost Girl, Bo and Kenzi are trying to track down a missing girl. Somehow this leads them to speed dating, as shown in the following clip. I have to admit, I think my new all-time favorite Kenzi moment is featured here: “Regret is for suck-ahs.”

  • Beinghuman Sally

    Sally dreams in Being Human (US)

    If you’re keeping up with the US version of Being Human, are you as “OMG, WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?” as I was? Sally’s story just keeps getting darker and more interesting, doesn’t it?

  • Drhorrible

    New Dr. Horrible coming soon?

    Yes, I know Joss Whedon has been a little busy with this little movie called The Avengers and this other one called The Cabin in the Woods to be worried about a sequel to the hit web series Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog. But he’s still saying that the wait for the second part of Dr. Horrible’s story will be coming soon.