• Lost Girl1

    Lost Girl: The return of Saskia

    I thought it was pretty interesting when Lost Girl‘s Bo ran into another of her kind, Saskia. But then I got the feeling that Saskia was more or less bad news, regardless of the things she could teach Bo.

  • David Tennant

    David Tennant to appear in second season of HBO’s Game of Thrones

    It’s official! HBO announced today that David Tennant has filmed several episodes for the second season of hit series Game of Thrones. I suppose that means that I can die happy now, right?

  • Game Of Thrones Map

    Getting lost in Game of Thrones? This map might help.

    The universe of Game of Thrones (or otherwise known as George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series) is vast and complicated. When watching the t.v. series or reading the books, it’s very easy to get confused when it comes to locations. Fortunately, a group of fans got together and created an interactive map.

  • Being Human Us3

    Being Human (US): New Episode Preview

    I have to admit that I was ambivalent about last week’s episode of Being Human. It started out with a wonderfully awkward dinner party, but then ended on a really weird note (and me being irked about the Henry character… again.).

  • Mars Attacks

    Mars Attacks: The Musical

    Sure, we know that Hollywood is fresh out of original ideas, but it seems Broadway may be following suit. Either that or Broadway audiences are becoming geekier and there’s a huge market for this kind of thing. Or Both. But IDW Publishing and Topps has announced that yes, there will be a musical based on the comic books (and movie) of Mars Attacks.

  • Merlin5

    Sneek Peak at Merlin season finale

    In this sneak peek for the season finale of Merlin, we see Arthur and his men in the forest, escaping defeat my Morgana’s army. Merlin advises the men to continue on without him as he uses magic to cover his tracks but summons the Great Dragon instead.

  • Assassins Creed 3

    Assassins Creed III developer says female assassin would be “kind of wrong”

    As a female gamer, I believe there is a lot wrong with video gaming when it comes to treating women with respect. I’ve been called a noob for being a gamer (by a 15-year-old, nonetheless… ha!), but I’ve also been called the “c” word. This is especially prevalent on MMO’s and part of the reason I no longer play them.