• Mars Attacks

    Mars Attacks: The Musical

    Sure, we know that Hollywood is fresh out of original ideas, but it seems Broadway may be following suit. Either that or Broadway audiences are becoming geekier and there’s a huge market for this kind of thing. Or Both. But IDW Publishing and Topps has announced that yes, there will be a musical based on the comic books (and movie) of Mars Attacks.

  • Merlin5

    Sneek Peak at Merlin season finale

    In this sneak peek for the season finale of Merlin, we see Arthur and his men in the forest, escaping defeat my Morgana’s army. Merlin advises the men to continue on without him as he uses magic to cover his tracks but summons the Great Dragon instead.

  • Assassins Creed 3

    Assassins Creed III developer says female assassin would be “kind of wrong”

    As a female gamer, I believe there is a lot wrong with video gaming when it comes to treating women with respect. I’ve been called a noob for being a gamer (by a 15-year-old, nonetheless… ha!), but I’ve also been called the “c” word. This is especially prevalent on MMO’s and part of the reason I no longer play them.

  • Eureka

    A Look Back at Eureka

    It is with great sadness that we have to say good-bye to one of the most original shows I think I’ve ever seen: Eureka. Knowing that this upcoming season is the very last one can make one nostalgic.

  • John Carter

    This should have been the trailer for Disney’s John Carter

    I’m convinced that Disney decided early on that John Carter (which would have been better as John Carter of Mars) would be nothing more than a huge tax write-off for their movie studio division. How else can you explain the horrible trailers that were released (along with some pretty poor marketing, too).

  • Doctor Who

    Doctor Who series 7 teaser: cowboys and aliens

    We’ve all been fiending for some new Doctor Who, especially after that fantastic ending to the last episode we saw. (Doesn’t it seem so very long ago?) So what is the first question? Who knows. But if the new season of Doctor Who can be judged from this trailer, it could have something to do with the Wild West or Daleks or Cybermen or the Ponds. Or all or none of the above.

  • The Hunger Games

    The Hunger Games is dark and dreary and kinda’ awesome

    Up until I’d heard about the film, I was completely unfamiliar with The Hunger Games series of books. Of course, like many adults, I dismissed them off as Twilight-ish, not really even knowing what they were about. Yes, Twilight has killed YA fiction. But that is another post entirely. I went into The Hunger Games movie with just a very basic knowledge of what it was about, based solely on the trailers.