Don’t judge the Bieber Fever

Don’t judge the Bieber Fever

Justin Bieber

So I have a 10-year-old great-niece. And she LOOOOOVVEEESSSS Justin Bieber. And I don’t. Obviously. Because I’m not a 10-year-old girl (although I will admit to loving that episode of “Glee”).

I do, however, remember being a 10-year-old. I was in love with Luke Skywalker. Not the actor who played him (Mark Hamill), but the character of Luke Skywalker. It didn’t matter that I had never seen “Star Wars” at that point, but I thought Luke was gorgeous and I loved that whole Jedi thing and light-saber thing and therefore, I had a poster of him beside my bed so that his face was the last thing I saw when I went to sleep at night and the first thing I saw when I awoke in the morning.

Yes, Luke Skywalker wasn’t even REAL, but that didn’t stop me.

So on to the title of this post. Don’t judge kids for liking the Bieber. Because if you have ever loved anything (and sometimes the things we love are lame to others), you should remember what that felt like. And then remember what it felt like when people made fun of you for it.

So let these little girls have their childhood. Because such moments are far too precious once you’re all grown up.

And now… let’s hear those confessions… who were you into when you were 10 years old?

  1. NuchtchasNuchtchas03-05-2011

    Not sure if I was 10, but my childhood crushes were Emilio Estevez, Wesley Crusher, Jonathan Brandis and other guys like that

    • Cat IsidorCat Isidor03-08-2011

      …Wesly Crusher? Really? But… He was such a dorky-geek. Made me cringe everytime I saw him.

      But then I all into KITT and Data. Hmm…that says something about me I’m sure. *chuckle*

      • NuchtchasNuchtchas03-08-2011

        Yes well this is my embarrassing confession, I don’t agree with my tweenaged self :)

      • AnonymousAnonymous03-09-2011

        LOL I used to call him “Wussley.” I had a crush on Data, though.

  2. Jhamilton313Jhamilton31303-05-2011

    I totally had a crush on Luke Skywalker as well. And I loved his “Lifesaver” sword thing.

  3. Robin BurksRobin Burks03-05-2011

    LOLOL Alright! I get cool aunt points! :P And Kirk Cameron… he was a little cutie.

  4. Pam Carter PricePam Carter Price03-05-2011

    Bieber played an awesome role on CSI. He’s a very good actor. (jmho)

  5. Robin BurksRobin Burks03-05-2011

    I think I missed that, Pam! LOL

  6. Pam Carter PricePam Carter Price03-05-2011

    Robin, he was on CSI(Vegas) as a bad boy and was actually on TWO episodes. He was actually very good. I was surprised…pleasantly. If his music career ever tanks…he’s got a definite backup career! :)

  7. Haha, maisie is stoked for bloggin about her AND Justin Bieber!!!! I wld have to say my crush was Kirk Cameron, <3! bahahahaha!!!!

  8. I’m 24 years old and still a backstreet fan. Do I need say more?

    • Robin BurksRobin Burks03-09-2011

      I’ll admit that when one of their songs comes on the radio, I usually turn it up and sing along. :P

  9. It's Me!!It's Me!!04-11-2011

    At 10? You all had cooties!!!! Wait….You still have

  10. Stacy EvansStacy Evans05-26-2011

    I was mad over Wil Wheaton, Patrick Swayze, and the guy that played Riker on Star Trek NG *sigh*

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