Robin Burks is an entertainment and science/technology writer, published author, avid con-goer and cosplayer. She has written about pop culture and entertainment for Screen Rant, The Things and FanGirlConfessions.com. Robin is also the author of a series of speculative fiction novels: Zeus, Inc.The Curse of Hekate; and Return of The Titans. In 2014, Indie Reader named the protagonist of that series, Alex Grosjean, as one of its Top Five Smart, Strong and Relatable Female Characters.

Robin, who currently lives in Missouri with her five cats, loves all things French and has a serious obsession with Doctor Who.

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natashaNatasha Tucker, also known as Fearless Photoworks, is a Washington based photographer, whose specialties include cosplay photography and editorial style portraiture.

She is a sci-fi/fantasy enthusiastic and lover of all things magical girls. Some of her favorite fandoms include Disney, Marvel, DC, Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sailor Moon.

On top of being a passionate photographer and all around geek, Natasha is the co-founder of Headcanon Productions. Headcanon Productions is a Washington based production company specializing in fandom-based cosplay music videos and skits.

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