Cape Comic Con Post-Con Wrap-Up

One thing I have learned in the past few years is that being a guest at a con is a lot different than attending it as a fan. I never get that many photos and most are selfies of me with others at my table (which I rarely leave because I’m working at selling books).

But I love being a guest at cons and I’m very grateful that cons want me to show up and sell my books, do panels and dress up in my favorite costumes. One of my favorites is Cape Comic-Con, who has been nice enough to invite me two years in a row. So last month, I started planning out costumes and realized I was tired of doing complicated costumes and went with a few that were a bit easier for me.

I started Friday out with Death. Death is my absolute all-time favorite comic book character and being able to cosplay her is a dream come true. I finally figured out how to put on clown white make-up and discovered an eyeliner thing called a “wing stamp,” that allows me to get the eye makeup just right. Day 2 was a punk Merida I put together based on some fan art I saw. Again, another super easy costume. Day 3 was the easiest: Jessica Jones. I literally pulled it out of my closet, and of course, that’s the costume people really loved the most.

The con itself was a lot of fun. I didn’t get to see any of the programming, because I was working it, but there was a good steady crowd coming through the doors all three days and I did pretty well: in fact, I sold out of my books! That’s never happened before so that was pretty exciting. I enjoyed meeting new people, including Lou Ferrigno and Reb Brown, who were both super nice. I also got to eat some amazing cupcakes and cake pops by Cakes Reanimated and drank a lot of coffee (or as I call it, fuel) from Villainous Grounds. Why don’t more cons have coffee shops come in and set up? That alone set Cape Comic Con apart from other cons and why it’s one of my favorite local events.

I did take some photos, but as I mentioned, they were few and far between. But here’s what I have for those who are interested:

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