The Best TV Shows That Everyone Should Be Watching But Aren’t

I slacked off this week and for that I apologize. But I’m starting to realize that Gallifrey One is only a few weeks away and I’m desperately getting all my cosplays together and doing that freak-out that always comes with traveling to cons. I also plan on getting back to reporting on Gally (as we so lovingly call it) this year, so expect that in a few weeks.

So in struggling with ideas of what to write about, I realized that I’ve discovered some pretty awesome TV shows recently that I haven’t seen a lot of buzz about. And that makes me sad. So I would like to mention those shows and maybe boost the signal a little, because I think that everyone should tune in.

So are you watching these shows? Got some suggestions about what I should watch next? Leave a comment and let me know!

So here goes:

Happy (Syfy)

So Happy is a show that really isn’t all that happy. In fact, it’s pretty dark, very violent and features an imaginary unicorn kind of creature that’s voiced by Patton Oswalt. And if that doesn’t sell you on the series, nothing will. The premise is about a disgraced cop (Christopher Meloni) who gets hounded by this imaginary creature because this imaginary creature’s BFF, a girl who is probably the cop’s daughter gets kidnapped. If dark humor and gore is your thing, this show is a must-watch.

Counterpart (Starz)


I am a massive Harry Lloyd fan, probably because I met him a few years ago and we talked very excitedly about Doctor Who. But I had no idea he was co-starring in a series on Starz until I was looking over the Starz app and saw his face. Of course, I immediately watched this thing that had his face, a new series called Counterpart. And this series is amazing: It also stars J.K. Simmons and Olivia Williams. The plot revolves around a door to a parallel universe that only a few select people in the United Nations know about. It’s got a very Fringe kind of feel to it, too. Only two episodes have aired so far, so it’s also easy to catch up on.

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams (Amazon)

Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams

Anthology series are making a comeback, thanks to the success of Netflix’s Black Mirror. The latest comes from Amazon, but its stories find basis in the writing of Philip K. Dick. The great thing about Electric Dreams, though, is that it’s not quite as brutal as Black Mirror, nor will the endings make you feel empty inside like many Black Mirror episodes do. This is some good sci-fi, with some great actors featured, including Bryan Cranston, Steve Buscemi, Anna Paquin and Greg Kinnear.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Believe it or not, I actually do occasionally watch non-genre television. Sometimes, a series just grabs me and doesn’t let go and that’s even without robots, zombies or spaceships. A friend of mine posted about The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Facebook and I got curious, so I watched one episode. Then I watched another. And then another. I got hooked. This show is such a joy to watch, maybe because it has a wonderfully empowering feminist message set in 1950s Manhattan. Rachel Brosnahan is on fire here as the lead character, showing a lot of depth that is heartfelt, yet also funny.

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