New Japanese Snacks That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Have you ever watched an episode of an anime series and looked at the food with longing, only wishing that it were something easily available here? Do you see posts about the latest in Japanese snack foods on anime sites that makes you want to plan a trip just so that you can eat your way around the country?

If you said, yes, you’re not alone. We would also love to try some of the yummy Japanese snacks we can only see on TV and the Internet. And the wonderful thing is that the Japanese keep coming up with amazing food ideas, things that we would like to try. Sure, some of it seems a little weird (fried chicken that smells like feet?), but some of it just screams “get in my belly.”

Here are a few of the newest snack foods that Japan has to offer that makes us go “yum.”

Chip Star Chocolate

What’s better than chocolate? What’s better than potato chips? How about chocolate rolled around in crushed potato chips? Does that not sound amazing? For those of us who love the whole sweet and salty thing, this sounds like heaven in a box. And of course, it’s only available in Japan.

Bâton d’or La Recolte Pocky

There’s Pocky, and then there’s Bâton d’or La Recolte Pocky (which means fancy Pocky). This new Pocky comes in a luxurious looking box with an even more luxurious price tag. But there’s more: the flavors sound pretty scrumptious: macadamia-orange and walnut & raspberry. Here’s hoping these start turning up at anime cons soon. In the meantime, we’ll just have to stick with our boring old plain Pocky.

Pizza Cup Noodle

Every college student has spent at least a week eating nothing but instant ramen. But the flavors here in the states are so boring: chicken, shrimp and beef. Japan, though, is all about flavor, so their Cup Noodle is always so much more interesting. But no flavor would have served me better during finals week than pizza. Why can’t we have this here?

Hotcake-Style Purin

I don’t know about you, but eating breakfast every day is a lot easier when it comes in a cup. Meet the Morinaga hotcake-style Purin. Basically, this is pancake pudding. If that alone doesn’t sell you on this, check this out: the container has a contraption that, when opened, pours maple syrup all over the buttery goodness of the pancake pudding inside.

Cafe Comme Ca Sailor Moon cakes

Cake is good. Everyone loves cake. But cake is even better when it comes in five different versions that represent the Inner Senshi from Sailor Moon! These babies are only available at Tokyo’s Cafe Comme Ca, and that just sucks, because now I’m just stuck looking at this beautiful photo and licking my screen.

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