Five DC Comics Titles You Need To Read In 2018

I have no problem admitting that I’m a comic book nerd. And when it comes to comics, I pretty much read nothing but DC. I might occasionally read a Marvel title, but for me, DC taps into stories, plots and characters that I just really relate to. So every Wednesday, I tune into my favorite comic books and dive into the worlds of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Green Lanterns and more.

But there are five specific DC Comics titles that really get me excited when I read them. These are the books that I refuse to miss out on and with this being a new year, I thought I would share them with you.

1. Mister Miracle

Mister Miracle

If there is one title that I would recommend over all others, this is the one. I’m not even that familiar with the character, but this new book by Tom King and Mitch Gerads is one I just cannot put down. Scott Free is probably one of the greatest escape artists of all time, but can he escape death? This title leaves me questioning everything at the end of each episode, but most important, what is Darkseid? Also, two words: Big Barda. Need I say more?

2. Green Lanterns

Green Lanterns

I am not usually a huge Green Lanterns fan, but the Rebirth version has me hooked. I can’t get enough. Maybe it’s because there are two Lanterns instead of one: Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz. And both characters have some serious issues to deal with. Simon is a Muslim in the U.S. dealing with anti-Muslim sentiment while trying to do good in the world. Jessica is a young woman who suffers from crippling anxiety. These are two people one might not see as superheroes, but they keep overcoming the odds to guard their sector of the universe. Even better? They’re relatable.

3. Titans


At some point, the Teen Titans had to grow up, and this comic deals with that. Known now as just the Titans, these young superheroes team up in every issue to save the world from doom, at least when the Justice League isn’t available. Led by Nightwing, the superheroes also deal with their own struggles, which makes them seem very real, almost like people we know. This team also features the other version of Wally West, the speedster who got caught up in the time stream at the beginning of DC’s Rebirth event. This one is a fun read and will, hopefully, tie in a little more to what happened with Rebirth.

4. Doomsday Clock

Doomsday Clock

When DC began Rebirth, it was obvious that someone messed with the universe that happened before current events (aka, the New 52). And one hint given early on is that this was someone associated with the Watchmen. Yes, that brings the Watchmen into the overall DC Comics universe. As if that were exciting enough, though, we now have the Doomsday Clock comic book, which will bring those universes officially together for the very first time. Also, Rorschach is back, baby!

5. Imaginary Fiends

Imaginary Fiends

It’s been a long time since I read and loved a Vertigo book, which is sad because I cut my comic book reading teeth on that imprint. But lo and behold, there’s a new title which grabbed my attention: Imaginary Fiends. The premise is that imaginary friends are real and sometimes are up to no good. But the FBI needs help solving crimes and one girl and her imaginary friend must now help figure out what’s causing a series of child disappearances in Georgia. This one is a little gross, a little disturbing, but also a lot of fun.

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