Guest Post: Why The Doctor Who Fandom Is Upset Over Cosplayers

The cosplay world has always been, and should always be, a welcoming place. It started as a place to celebrate the love of shows and characters. A place where weird people could gather together and find other weird people and feel normal. It was, and is, a safe place, and should always be one.

So why is the Doctor Who fandom so upset over cosplayers?

Well, I’ll tell you.

Every fandom is special, and Doctor Who is no exception. As someone who is part of the fandom, I can say that Doctor Who fandom has been one of my favorite fandoms that I have been part of. Every person I have met in this fandom has been so friendly and kind. They open their arms to you and don’t judge you for what you don’t know, but rather, they’ll excitedly tell you things you don’t know yet. They want you there. They want you to love the series as much as they do. It’s beautiful.

But here we are, one of the most welcoming fandoms upset over cosplayers.

This should be a sign, if anything. If they are upset, the most welcoming fandom I have ever seen, then someone somewhere really screwed up. And, oh boy! Did someone screw up. If you didn’t know, BBCA is hosting an event with Movie Pilot and Super News Live for Doctor Who. It is going to be a cosplay party held during San Diego Comic Con. Sure! It sounds exciting, but there is some not so exciting things going on with this event.

Of all the cosplay guests that are hosting this event, only one of them has a Doctor Who cosplay. Only one of them has gone to a Doctor Who convention (Gallifrey One). Only ONE of them has shown, on social media, any interest in Doctor Who at all. This event is being hosted by non-Doctor Who fans, who have clearly been picked for their social media following, not for their love of and passion for a show that has enthralled so many.

For a fandom that accepts and welcomes everyone, this party does the exact opposite. This party is no longer for the loving fans, but rather for the elite. By using these popular and famous cosplayers, it is clear that BBCA, Movie Pilot, and Super News Live don’t want dedicated Doctor Who fans. They want fans of the cosplayers. They want people to fill the room. People who might not even care about Doctor Who or care about getting into the series. They just want to see their favorite cosplayers.

This means that Doctor Who fans won’t even be able to get into a party that’s meant for them. They can’t be there to celebrate their love of Doctor Who through cosplay. By inviting these cosplayers, devoted fans are kicked out of their own fandoms in order to fill a room … which would’ve happened anyway, because so many people love and want to celebrate Doctor Who.

Trust me. I’ve been to Gallifrey One. I’ve seen how quickly those tickets sell out. I’ve seen the hotels sell out. This party would’ve sold out without those cosplayers’ help.

BBCA, Movie Pilot, and Super News Live isolated the fans of Doctor Who. They are showing that they don’t care about the fans. These fans who have done nothing but love the show and celebrate it. They don’t even matter anymore. BBCA, Movie Pilot, and Super News Live don’t want them. They want the famous people. They want people who never posted about Doctor Who, shown interest in Doctor Who, or cosplayed Doctor Who.

And on that point. For some reason, on the website, you could apply as a cosplayer for the party. You just had to provide high quality photos of your cosplays. This is something everyone is fine with; however, how can BBCA, Movie Pilot, and Super News Live ask for Doctor Who cosplays from people coming, but not have their guest have Doctor Who cosplays?

Again, I have to repeat myself. These cosplay guest, minus one, have shown NO social media interest in Doctor Who. They haven’t cosplayed from it.

It’s not fair. It’s disgusting. It’s wrong.

BBCA, Movie Pilot, and Super News Live, by just one single event, have shown that they no longer want devoted Doctor Who fans. They want them gone from their fandom. They want these famous people. They want the fame and glory, when that has never been what Doctor Who has been about.

Doctor Who struggled for its fans. It struggled to be on the air. It struggled and earned a group of amazing and devoted fans. It earned a group of amazing people that want to share their love with all.

But apparently they don’t want these fans anymore. Apparently they don’t matter anymore. And those fans are upset. The fandom they love doesn’t want them anymore. They are tossed away like a used tissue, and these new non-fans are the hot new toy.

As I finish my thoughts, I do want to add one more thing. The cosplayers who were invited are extremely talented individuals. They are amazing cosplayers who do amazing jobs at bringing the characters they cosplay to life. They, however, shouldn’t be hosting a Doctor Who cosplay event. While they are welcomed to the event, like everyone is, they should not be the one hosting an event for a series they’ve shown no interest for.

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