‘Bombshells United’ Is Coming To America

Bombshells: United

Brace yourselves: DC Comics’ Bombshells is about to get a makeover. The Bombshells: United are coming to America!

In Bombshells: United, Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Supergirl and the other superheroines will head to American to continue their fight against the enemy in World War II. Writer Marguerite Bennett continues on as writer of the series, with Bombshells artist Marguerite Sauvage returning for the first arc.

Bombshells United refocuses our story as an alternate history and asks the question, ‘If you could live this life over, what would you do differently?’” says Bennett in a press release. “We journey back to different theaters of the war, and will tell stories of defining moments of the characters there – both the stories as they unfold within the Bombshells universe, as well as information on how the true events played out.”

The new series will begin in 1943 in Arizona with Wonder Woman coming to the aid of Cassie Sandsmark and Donna Troy, whose families get displaced after Executive Order 9066, which set up interment camps for German and Japanese families during the war. DC promises even more superheroines from its roster joining in for the fight with a new structure coming to the Bombshells storytelling style with each arc focusing on one particular group of heroes.

The first issue of Bombshells: United lands in digital form on August 25, with additional issues released weekly. The first collected print issues go out on September 6, and will continue twice a month.

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