What The ‘Arrow’ TV Show Can Learn From The ‘Green Arrow: Rebirth’ Comic

Arrow vs. Green Arrow

It seems that fans of The CW’s Arrow television show continue to drop off at astounding rates. I lost interest with the past season because those flashbacks to Russia were just a bit too much (and also kind of boring). It seems that the show continues to lose steam and has somehow managed to get itself far away from the Green Arrow from the comic books.

But it’s not too late to fix Arrow and bring it back to the exciting show it promised us in its first few seasons. Remember that? Deathstroke, Shado, the island and Oliver learning about his family’s dirty secrets? That was good television!

So how can The CW fix Arrow? By turning to its comic book counterpart. In Green Arrow: Rebirth, Oliver Queen gets a major reset and since issue number one, it has shown off some great storytelling. If the TV show looked more to the comics for inspiration, it could get a lot better. Here’s how.

Take everything away from Oliver

One thing that Green Arrow: Rebirth did in its first issue was to take everything from Oliver Queen. Not only did Oliver lose his company, but he also lost all of his money, resources and friends. The comic stripped him down to nothing more than Green Arrow. On the TV show, Oliver lost his company, but he still seems to have a lot of money and a team of sidekicks that weigh him down. He even still has his super duper cool bat cave where he keeps all of his expensive costumes and toys. But imagine what might happen if that Oliver lost all of that and was left on his own, without even Felicity there to help him pick up the pieces? He gets a complete reset and a chance to finally become Green Arrow once and for all.

Burn Star City to the ground

Green Arrow has lived in Seattle for some time, with his Star City days long behind him. On the TV show, Star City has so much baggage for Oliver, that if he left town for good, he would probably have an entirely new life ahead of him. Even better, the writers could just destroy Star City once and for all, leaving Oliver homeless and alone. Let him wander over to Seattle to start a new life. Now, that would be interesting.

Social justice

Although the Arrow writers keep promising a lighter and more comics-faithful Green Arrow, fans haven’t really seen it yet. In the comic books, especially in Rebirth, Oliver is a social justice warrior. This means that he goes up against real-world inspired villains, such as those involved in human trafficking. The entire first story arc of Green Arrow: Rebirth has Oliver learning about a human trafficking ring that he breaks up and it makes for some riveting reading. But Oliver also helps Arensal go up against those who would invade Native American lands to lay down an oil pipeline, a situation ripped directly out of real news headlines. That’s the Oliver fans want to see on Arrow, that guy that protects the little guy from the big bad corporations, even if one of those corporations is Queen Industries.

No more flashbacks

For god’s sake, get rid of those horrible flashback scenes on Arrow. Enough is enough! From what we’ve seen, it seems that Oliver’s “long” time on that island only lasted a year and that he spent the rest of his time globetrotting for various mercenary groups. And although fans have seen five years of flashbacks (the time Oliver went missing), the show’s writers still have plans to include them next season. Sure, they’re done with Oliver’s flashbacks, but now they want to include flashbacks for other characters on the show, forgetting that the series is called Arrow, and is, in fact, about Green Arrow. The only flashbacks in the comic books are those deemed absolutely necessary, and they are few and far between. Take note, Arrow writers.

Bring back Black Canary

Arrow screwed up Black Canary big-time. Not only was she not Dinah Lance, but the title got handed down between two sisters: one who died and came back to life to become White Canary and another who just died. In the comic books, Black Canary is critical to who Oliver is as a person and is the one who always reminds him that money can’t always fix the world’s problems. The two are also romantically-linked, in a way that is a million times better than the TV show’s Olicity. We’re not sure how the TV show can fix this horrible mistake, but Black Canary needs to become part of the series again. It’s not like they can’t bring back people from the dead, because that happens all the time, right?

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