Review: ‘Batwoman: Rebirth’ #1: A Retread of Kate Kane’s History

Anyone familiar with the Detective Comics: Rebirth series is probably already in love with Kate Kane, aka Batwoman. Because of her stellar outing in that series, she’s now getting her own book with Batwoman: Rebirth. But first issues are a little tricky, especially when launching one within a new universe, such as Rebirth.

In Batwoman: Rebirth #1, we get a reintroduction to the character, including a brief history of who she is. But the most important question asked in this issue for Kate Kane is: where is she going? Although that question gets asked a lot in this first issue, #1 is about Kate’s history and a quick retread of how she became Batwoman in the first place.


We do get that retelling of Batwoman’s story here. It’s a quick rundown of her history, but it feels so disjointed that writers Marguerite Bennett and James Tynion IV probably could have just put it all in a bullet list at the beginning of the issue. The story doesn’t really flow, although maybe it’s not supposed to, as it seems to want to only retell Kate’s story for those not already familiar with the character. The problem is that those who aren’t familiar with the character really aren’t getting much to go on here either.

This is a problem with many of the first Rebirth issues, though. The idea is to give new fans of these characters a place to start in understanding them, while catching up older fans with what those characters have done in the recently. Batwoman: Rebirth is no exception, and things don’t really get interesting until the end, when Batman tasks Kate with her next big mission. So there’s hope that this series will get better now that all the exposition is out of the way.


The artwork by Steve Epting is the stand-out with Batwoman: Rebirth #1, especially with the way he uses black, whites and reds, making this almost feel like a story out of a noir film. The use of these three colors is especially effective, and although the story feels disjointed, the artwork does a decent job of trying to make it all flow well.

It’s likely that fans of Batwoman are already keeping up with her adventures in Detective Comics: Rebirth, so for those fans, skipping this issue and waiting for #2 is probably a good bet (there’s no new ground covered here). New fans, though, might learn a little more about Kate, although only the very basics gets covered here. All in all, this is just a mediocre re-introduction to the woman behind the cape, but fans can expect greater things with the next issue. Bennett and Tynion IV are strong writers and fans should have faith that they will do this character’s new story arcs justice.

Batwoman: Rebirth #1 is available now, including Amazon.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Note: received a review copy of Batwoman: Rebirth #1.

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