Disney Princesses On Spring Break Photo Shoot

Last year, one of my wonderful friends from the Superman Celebration came up with an awesome idea for a photo shoot featuring Disney Princesses on Spring Break. So we all got together at the Celebration last June and thanks to awesome photographer Mark Shafer, the photo shoot happened.

I chose Merida, because of all the Disney princesses, she’s the one I relate to the most. So I bought the wig, which actually led me to do two more Merida-inspired costumes (more on that later) and put together an outfit that I felt would represent her at the beach.

My other friends did the same and the result was one of the most fun photo shoots I’ve ever done. Now granted, we were outside when the heat index was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so if my face seems red in some of these photos, it’s because I was hot, even in my bikini. But we still had a blast, although it was a relief to finish up the photo shoot in the hotel pool.

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