Interview: Marguerite Bennett and Aneke On Bringing The Suicide Squad To ‘DC Comics: Bombshells’

DC Comics: Bombshells

Although DC Comics: Bombshells started life as statues created by artist Ant Lucia, the concept took off and eventually became its own comic book series. That series is about to release its 73rd issue, which brings back the Suicide Squad introduced in the DC Comics: Bombshells Annual released earlier this year. Yes, that’s right, Vampire Batgirl is back, along with Frankie Charles, Enchantress, Ravager and Killer Croc.

This new chapter of the Suicide Squad story picks up where the annual issue left off, following the squad on its first mission. We spoke to DC Comics: Bombshells writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Aneke about what fans can expect during this new story arc.

DC Bombshells #73 hits ComiXology on December 9.

When the Annual issue introduced the Suicide Squad, did you already have a good idea of where this particular story arc would go?

BENNETT: Thanks much for the Annual shout-out! Elsa Charretier and the Dodsons did such an exquisite job. We were able to introduce the Suicide Squad! As a West Point grad, WWII version of Frankie Charles is sent by Amanda Waller into the haunted bayous of Louisiana to retrieve an agent – the Batgirl – who had gone missing years earlier. There, we get to meet a coven of sinister Bombshells, including Enchantress and Ravager, who Frankie endeavors to bring into the fold, but not without  a little help from Killer Croc. From there, I have a wide variety of adventures for the Suicide Squad. I hope we’ll get to explore them all in due time!

When tackling these character designs based on Ant Lucia statues, how did you go about depicting them accurately, but still add your own creative twist on them?

ANEKE: It’s something you can’t avoid, I mean, the designs are fabulous and it just seems natural to draw them the way they have been depicted. In the case of the Suicide Squad Bombshells, I followed more the trace of the beautiful work of Elsa Charretier, of course, because I needed to know about their narrative. But you only need to walk through the path to fall in love with these characters, as it has happened, and therefore, you  start to adapt them into your own style and make them yours!

What’s you favorite character from the Bombshells Suicide Squad and why?

BENNETT: I think Frankie Charles is very exciting. She’s the leader of the team, young and ambitious, and fully human amid this cadre of the supernatural – a vampire, a seer, a witch, and a gigantic reptile man. She’s clever, careful, compassionate, and sensible, and I do love seeing her whip that golden sword out of her walking stick. But honestly, seeing the five of them together – helping each other, bouncing off each other, scheming together – they make me happiest when they are a squad.

ANEKE: It’s Ravager. I just love her appearance, her acting and expressions; She´s a doer, in my mind, a mix of John McClane and Furiosa with two swords.

Can you tease any other characters that will make an appearance in this new story?

BENNETT: A certain long-lost lover may be making an appearance…

What’s the most challenging thing about creating artwork for Bombshells?

ANEKE: Submarine WWII Nazi scenario! I mean, how can they even design a tiny room with so many handles, devices, pipes, valves, etc!

Aneke, each of these characters have distinct personalities. How does your artwork reflect that?

ANEKE: Yes they do. I think when I draw them I have this certain image of their personalities in my head, and sometimes it comes in an easy and recognizable way, so I just try to draw them the way I perceive their acting, as if they were real actors/actresses; As I say, sometimes it comes fluidly, other times, you just have to work a little harder to “get” to them. I try to be extra expressive in my work, it´s something I´m really eager to achieve, to truly picture the essence of the character.

Marguerite, are there any other characters in the DC universe that you would like to bring into Bombshells that you haven’t written for yet?

BENNETT: Oh, absolutely! I adore getting to play with characters like Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batwoman – especially as I’m going to be co-writing a new Batwoman series with James Tynion IV with art by the magnificent Steve Epting early next year – but I am monstrously greedy, haha.

I would love to see Black Canary, Starfire, Abbie Arcane, Katana, Cassandra Cain, Lena Luthor, and many, many more, as well as revisit heroines like Vixen, Renee Montoya, the Batgirls, Harley, Ivy, Catwoman, Aquawoman, and on.

I know I sound like a broken record, but DC Bombshells exists because of the fans. We keep going because of the fans. We keeping telling stories because of the fans. On a long enough timeline, I would love to see all of these heroines come to life.

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