Top 10 Scariest Movies to Watch on Halloween-2016 edition

It’s that time of the year again – Samhain is soon upon us. Though many people think of All Hallows’ Eve in terms of the best parties and masquerades, there’s much more to it than just getting dressed up and prancing around the streets in an outrageous costume. Many claim that there is some magic in the air on the Halloween, an the horror fans say it’s just the smell of blood waiting to be spilled. Though such statement will raise eyebrows during any other day of the year, gore and more are completely acceptable on October 31.

In case you have a taste for horror stories that will leave you with adrenaline coursing through your veins, then there’s no better time to watch classic horror movies than on Halloweens. Be it with a group of your friends, your special someone or on your own, choosing a scary movie has become something of an art, especially if you’ve got a unique taste. This list will help you decide between all-timers that deserve both your attention and your fear. Pick your cinematic poison wisely this Halloween and don’t be afraid to scream – after all, that’s what scary movies are made for.

1.      Sleepy Hollow (1999)


Mr. Icabode Crane (Johnny Depp) stole our hearts seventeen years ago with his talent for trouble and undisputable charm. This sounds like a prelude to a romantic comedy, but rest assured that Sleepy Hollow is all but that. With the cast that involves Depp, Christina Ricci and legendary Christopher Walken, there’s really nothing bad to be said about this film. Headless horseman with the most disturbing teeth that brings death and horror to the little town mixed with stunning shots and suspense only Tim Burton can conjure – all packed in one movie to enjoy.

2.     Shining (1980)

The main role in Shining was what made the name of Jack Nicholson and set the on the path of legend he is today. This enticing and terrifying horror thriller has become a classic very soon after it hit the theatres, thanks to its great story and amazing acting. Shining deals with the tricks of the mind and psyche, something that none of us can escape when confined in small space. If you wish to see what happened to the protagonists who faced all of their worst fears, just keep watching.

3.     The Others (2001)


Seeing dainty Nicole Kidman in a horror drama isn’t something we’re really used to, but she channeled perfectly just how many faces terror can have. With the movie set in the midst of World War II we see just how much a single mother struggles to keep her children alive and well, but when they move into a house whose inhabitants are not of this world, everything starts going downhill and fast. Fears turn into reality as Grace understands that all that she knew is a lie and that her new home hides secrets beyond human comprehension.

4.     Halloween (1978)


Here’s a movie that will make you feel happy for being in your own home when watching it. Carpenter used up all of its artistry to bring to life Michael Myers, a boy murderer who grew up to be a monster ever willing to chop people’s limbs off. Mix Myers with college students stuck in Haddonfield, the hometown Myers returns to, and you get two hours of classic bashing and slashing on the screen.

5.     Poltergeist (1982)

Though poltergeist is a name for a mischievous domestic ghost that breaks things around the house, this movie will show you just how horrible a ghost can prove out to be. This is a fantasy horror for anyone in need to be spooked by their own TV this Halloween, as this is the residing place of the poltergeist. The story follows Freelings family with whom the poltergeist is first friendly but things take dramatic turn when the youngest daughter goes missing and incomplete family has no choice but to look for the help of an experienced exorcist.

6.     House Of Thousand Corpses (2003)


This movie is the epitome of a slasher horror, so if you’re not sure your stomach can’t handle all sorts of maiming and disgusting relish that comes with this title, it would be wiser to skip it. Unless you truly are a fan of slashers, House of Thousand Corpses will leave a profound mark on you with its explicitness and ingeniousness in tearing limbs from the body in infinite number of ways. This is not a movie for those weak of heart and stomach, know what you’re getting yourself into. There are some countries in which this movie isn’t available online due to geo-blocking, but there are different ways to get around restrictions and enjoy a delightful night of horror with your family and friends.

7.     Paranormal Activity (2007)


Though a good part of horror movies can’t be turned into a franchise, Paranormal Activity has got three sequels since 2007, though none of them can really match the original. With a meager $11,000 budget, the whole movie is in the form of a documentary, though a mighty scary one. A couple believes they live in a house that’s haunted, so they put cameras everywhere to see what is exactly haunting them. When the creature that doesn’t want to be discovered gets seen, the couple realizes in just how much horror they’ve got themselves into.

8.     The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)


Here you can realize from the title that by the end of the movie, you’ll be overjoyed you’re not one of the characters. Chainsaw Massacre was the film that set the scene for many other similar adaptations to come and it is the embodiment of everything you should never do when in the same neighborhood with murderous lunatics. Leatherface is the main villain in the movie, wearing a mask of human skin and gladly slaughtering everything in sight. Include the chainsaw into the whole story and you know things will get messy very quickly.

9.     Changeling (1980)


Dealing with children is often scary enough, but dealing with dead children that haven’t found their peace is much trickier. John Russell lives in a house haunted by a ghost of a boy with a terrible story. When the protagonist begins to understand just in how much danger he is, he willingly starts looking for the ways to get rid of the ghost that doesn’t allow him a moment of piece. We’re not sure if this is a metaphor for what life turns into when one becomes a parent, and at this point we’re too scared to ask.

10. Pet Sematary (1989)


You either love of hate horror movies, there really isn’t a middle when it comes to this subject. Even if you’re not a fan, challenge yourself this Halloween and see how it goes. Who knows, maybe you like it and maybe you’ll be too scared to get out of your chair once it’s all over, but hey it’s all part of having a good time.Undead cat and its terrified owners start to believe that the ground of the pet sematary is holy and that it brings the dead back to life. Some see this phenomenon as a gift, while others see it for what it really is – a recipe for disaster. And when we mention that the movie was based on Stephen King’s books, it will be enough of a reason to watch it this Halloween.

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