The Caped Crusader Forms His Own Suicide Squad In ‘Batman’ #9

DC Comics just released a sneak peek of Batman #9 by Tom King and Mikel Janin which begins the next story arc for that ongoing series. The story arc is titled “I Am Suicide.” In a desperate attempt to save Gotham Girl, Batman forms his own team to break into Arkham Asylum and steal Bane, who Batman hopes can help him find the Psycho Pirate who messed with Gotham Girl’s mind.

“It’s Batman forming his own Suicide Squad,” says King in an interview with DC Comics. “It’s Batman working with Amanda Waller, going into Arkham Asylum and picking out a special team to accomplish a mission that he can’t do on his own or with the Justice League. If you’ve read the end of Batman #6 you know that Bane has the Psycho Pirate, who can cure Gotham Girl. Batman needs to get him, but Bane lives in his own country. On top of that, he lives in a prison that’s the worst prison in the history of humankind. So Batman can’t just go in there because it’s illegal and impossible. So he needs a team who can do something illegal and impossible, and that’s the mission of the Suicide Squad. That’s where we start, with Batman making his own Suicide Squad to invade Santa Prisca and try to get Psycho Pirate back from Bane.”

Things are about to get a lot more interesting in Batman’s world as he tries to help Gotham Girl (who is now overcome by fear): he can only do that by tracking down Psycho Pirate.

“I don’t think of him as a fringe character,” says King about Psycho Pirate. “He plays a huge part in CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS. That’s where I was first introduced to him. He’s the guy who kills Barry Allen! So he’s played a role in the DCU for years. And then Grant Morrison took him into ANIMAL MAN and made him the one character in all of DC continuity who can remember the Multiverse. He remembers what happened beforehand. So he has both those aspects of him—he’s played a key role in this huge crossover and he also has this bizarre memory. He’s this huge character…and he’s a wimp. He’s a nobody! He’s terrible. He’s always manipulated by other people.”
Here’s a sneak peek at the issue:
Batman #9 arrives in comic book stores on October 19.
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