DC’s ‘Wonder Woman’ Will Feature Pre-Cheetah Barbara Ann Minerva

Barbara Ann Minerva

For those keeping up with the DC Comics Rebirth Wonder Woman comic book series, there’s a treat in store for readers. The comic will feature a storyline about classic Wonder Woman villain Cheetah before she became Cheetah, when she was still just Barbara Ann Minerva.

Wonder Woman has already introduced Cheetah into its modern storyline, which it alternates with a story arc that also retells the Amazonian Princess’ backstory called “Year One.” Now, readers will also soon learn more about Diana’s nemesis, Cheetah in a one-shot “interlude” that written by Greg Rucka with art by Bilquis Evely. The story will cover Cheetah’s origin as Barbara Ann Minerva begins to uncover some of the Amazon’s most cherished secrets.

“This story is very thoughtful and human,” said Evely in a press release, “and I’m trying to bring this to the pages as well. We visit a lot of different places and archaeological reference points, which means I get to have a lot of fun! I think the readers will never see Barbara Ann in the same way again, after what Greg has been doing here! This is a singular opportunity I couldn’t pass up.”

It’s likely that the one-shot issue will re-introduce comic book readers to the character, as well as give new readers some insight into how she became Cheetah.

“The fact that we’ve got Bilquis Evely drawing this issue just makes this all the sweeter,” said Rucka. “I am such a fan, and her work is so consistently wonderful—everything from her characterization to her linework to her laser-sharp storytelling. So when her name came up, I pretty much fell over myself saying yes. One of the greatest joys about working on Wonder Woman has been the privilege of working with such tremendous collaborators, everyone from Laura Martin and Romulo Fajardo Jr. to Jodi Wynne to the entire editorial team and, of course, Nic, Liam, and now Bilquis. I’m really hoping people will enjoy this issue as much as we do.”

Barbara Ann Minerva’s story lands in Wonder Woman #8, which hits comic book stores and online on October 12.


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