Review: Diana’s Emotional Origin Story Continues in ‘Wonder Woman’ #4

Wonder Woman #4

Although the story of Wonder Woman and how she came to man’s world is a familiar one, this story gets renewed in Wonder Woman  #4. This issue features even more wonderful writing by Greg Rucka, who gives Diana’s story an emotional edge that will appeal to all comic book readers.

In Wonder Woman #4, Rucka retells how Diana came to leave Themyscira. But this story feels new as it reimagines some of the key elements of Wonder Woman’s origin.

The new Wonder Woman Rebirth series alternates stories each week, switching seamlessly from Diana’s past to Diana’s present. This week revisits Diana’s history as she watches over Steve Trevor. Steve is in the Themyscira version of a sick bay, getting nursed back to health. In Wonder Woman #2, he and his team of soldiers crash-landed on Themyscira. Steve, though, is the only survivor and soon learns of his fellows’ fates. It is here that Rucka’s writing takes a heartbreaking turn, one that will bring tears to readers’ eyes.

Rucka also reimagines Diana’s relationship with her mother, Hippolyta. As Wonder Woman fans already know, the Queen of the Amazons must task her subjects to choose one who will return Steve to man’s world. This time, though, Hippolyta does not prevent Diana from participating in the games that will decide the matter, but instead, shares an emotional scene with her daughter where she admits how proud she is that Diana insists on being part of the games. This is in spite of the fact that if Diana wins, she can never return home.

The rest of the story is well-known: Diana wins the contest and becomes the chosen one. Here, though, we learn about how she gets her invisible plane and golden lasso. Rucka’s writing is in fine form in telling this story, giving it depth although it’s familiar to anyone who knows the character.

But it is the artwork by Nicola Scott that drives the emotions home in this issue: Steve’s tears when he learns about the deaths of his fellow soldiers are beautifully drawn and give even more credence to Rucka’s writing. The colors by Romulo Fajardo, Jr. also pay homage to the beautiful greens of Themyscira, even as the Amazonian princess prepares to leave her home forever.

Wonder Woman #4 is yet another perfect retelling of Diana’s story, and it’s hard to imagine that this new series could possibly get even better, but it manages to do so with each issue.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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