Cosplay: Becoming Sera From Dragon Age: Inquisition (Part 4)

I guess I didn’t realize just how complicated this costume was until I decided to write about its creation. There was a lot to do! To catch up, here are my previous posts about creating Sera from Dragon Age: Inquisition: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

So that leaves us at the accessories: the kneepads and the belts. It took me a few tries to figure out exactly how I wanted to do the kneepads, but ultimately, here’s what they ended up looking like:

Sera Cosplay

And here’s the process I used to created them:

  1. I cut the shapes from the same black pleather that I used for the vest, for a total of four pieces.
  2. On two shapes, I sewed the criss-cross pattern, using my sewing machine.
  3. I snapped on the same snaps that I used on the vest’s shoulders on two of the pieces.
  4. I sewed two shapes together for each kneepad (making the one with the snaps the top of each), with a piece of craft foam inserted inside to give them shape.
  5. Each knee pad has two lengths of elastic behind it. I then added two straps of pleather, sewn on the outside seam of the knee pad.
  6. I glued a small piece of velcro on the straps, as well as the inside edges of the pads to attach the strap after the kneepad gets pulled on.

All in all, I’m happy with how they came out, although I wished I’d done the snaps before sewing the pieces together. I ended up having to glue some on (and superglue is the only way to make sure they stay in place).

The archery arm pad thing was next. I used the same basic idea for it: I sewed two pieces together with craft foam inside and made the straps the same way (with elastic to hold it in place).

Sera Cosplay

Gloves are tricky, but this archery glove was a little easier because each finger is its own separate piece. I started by making each finger, using the same pleather from the vest (but this time in a brown color). I outlined my fingers and cut out two shapes for each (leaving room for seam allowances). On the top shape, I sewed the decorative “seam” and then sewed the pieces together with my machine. I simply cut out the part that goes over the top of the hand and added the decorative seam.

Those snaps came in really handy, because I used those to attach the fingers to the rest of the glove. Then I made the two pieces that come down over the wrist (with decorative stitches) and the wrist band, which attaches with velcro under my wrist. It was actually easier than I expected.

Notice the very impressed cat in the photo:

Sera Cosplay

When I started the belt, I decided to do the pouches first. I ended up cutting a pasta box in half and using that for the basic shape. I glued brown pleather around the box pieces (after adding decorative stitching) and pretty much faked it as much as I could. I found the brown buttons at WalMart and added some leather cord (all glued to the pouch). I then made little loops on the back of each pouch with the same pleather (glued on because I was getting lazy at this point with all the sewing) so that I could slip it on to the belt.

I used the same brown pleather for the belts. I faked a lot of that, too, using D-Rings I found at Joann Fabrics, lots of hot glue (and later superglue) and those wonderful snaps.

Sera Cosplay

But the costume still wasn’t complete: I needed props. And I’ll cover that in the next costume post.

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