Aaron Ashmore and Luke MacFarlane Tease ‘Killjoys’ Season Finale

Aaron Ashmore and Luke Macfarlane from Killjoys

The hardest thing for a TV series to have is a great second season, but Syfy’s Killjoys knocked its second season out of the park. From uncovering diabolical government conspiracies to chasing down a group of immortal crazies, Dutch, Johnny and D’avin have spent a lot of time in the trenches trying to save the world.

This season also saw the team split up, though: Johnny joined his girlfriend Pawter to uncover the truth behind the wall around Old Town, while Dutch and D’Avin traveled the galaxy to find the truth behind the Level 6. In a recent press call, Killjoys‘ stars Aaron Ashmore (Johnny) and Luke Macfarlane (D’Avin) discuss what that means for the trio going forward.

Ashmore explained that separate doesn’t necessarily mean apart, as seen in the most recent episode when the team reunited. But there are still all these secrets and lies between them. Ultimately, though, they’re family.

“I think that at the heart of the show, it’s always going to be about this team,” he said. “I think that that is, in many ways, what the show is really about. So I don’t think we have to worry too much about these relationships being completely fractured. But I think it also adds some depth to sort of create some tension and drama between these people because it makes sense, right? In any sort of family or dynamics, things are not always peachy. People have different ways of looking at things and coming at things from different angles and I think that’s what’s happening here. But I think at the end of the day, we care about each other so much that we will make it work. But it – obviously, we also have to deal with the repercussions of all of our actions. And I think that that’s something interesting to see play out.”

Macfarlane agreed: family is everything.

“It’s something I’ve always loved about the show – it’s kind of like a family drama actually on some level disguised as a sci-fi show,” he said. “So we will work it out and make sense of it all, but – and then it will actually ultimately make us stronger, I think.”

The two actors also teased that the season finale will bring something big.

“Well, I think that, of course, there are big things that happen in the season finale as with any show,” Ashmore said.”You know, there’s big revelations and there’s new information sort of exposed. And so, definitely, there’s a lot going on.”

But there’s more: the season finale has one major surprise, one that will surprise (and potentially upset) fans.

“I have to say that I didn’t see it coming,” he said. “I can’t say too much more in that because I think it’s such a specific thing that we’re talking about that it’s hard – it’s really hard to talk about it. But, yes, when I was reading it, I just didn’t see it coming. And it was very shocking and I think that it will be very shocking to our audience too and very impactful to the story.”

Macfarlane, though, admits to not remembering much from the finale, except for one little detail.

“I don’t remember the finale,” he said. “I have to be perfectly honest, we shot this, what now, five months ago? I had this very specific image and the green goo definitely factors very largely into the finale. But I’m trying to remember if I actually do something magical with it. Oh. Yes, it does.”

That green goo plays a big part throughout the second season, but something not known until now is exactly what it is, at least in real life. Macfarlane finally gave up the secret of the icky substance.

“It was vanilla-flavored pudding that was dyed green,” he admitted.

But Macfarlane remembered enough about the season finale to offer hints as to what fans can expect.

“Well, I’ll just say it’s our biggest episode by far in the filming,” he said. “I remember it has the biggest set pieces. It has the most kind of exciting actions and the biggest reveal. So, it’s our biggest episode, I will say that.”

Ashmore went into a little more detail, suggesting that fans will find the last episode emotional.

“I think the last two are pretty emotional on a couple of different fronts too,” he said. “So if you’re an emotional person, I’d say maybe get your box tissues ready?”

The Killjoys season two finale airs on Friday, September 2 on Syfy.

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