Glorious and Frozen

A few months ago, I piled into a car with my buddies Jay  (Raging Storm Cosplay) and David (Gingerten) to go on an adventure to Stevens Pass in Washington. The objective? Get photos of Jay as Ellis (Genderbend Elsa from Disney’s Frozen) in the snow.

We passed the time during our hour long drive chatting and listening to the Hamilton Musical soundtrack (I’m totally hooked now, btw). Upon arrival at the main ski range, we promptly realized this was not a good place for us to take photos. In addition to the large crowd, there weren’t any good places to take photos without a lot of structures in the background as well.

Determined not to have made a trip for nothing, we drove to a spot across the street from the main range and found a much smaller ski run. It was mostly secluded and had a spot off to the side that was relatively undisturbed save for some snow forts.

I’m not sure what it is with us, but we tend to go from one extreme to the other, and both extremes end up with my nearly falling and sinking into the ground. First, I was rolling my ankles at the sand dunes in September, and now I’m sinking knee deep into snow in March. I kept slipping around too. Both Jay and David had to hold my hands and help me up the small hill. But, it was totally worth it; we got some great pictures!

As our luck would have it, everything was pretty calm outside right up until we started making the trek up to our shoot location. I’ll admit, the storm made for some great photos. But man, was it cold! The wind made the snow feel like little razors against your skin. My cheeks were bright red from the start of the shoot clear into the next day. I guess snow burn is a thing?

One thing is for sure, we looked absolutely comical out there. None of us were fully equipped for the snow. I couldn’t find my scarf or gloves that day, but luckily had a decent enough coat and some snow boots. David was wearing a his Bane coat (yes, from Batman: The Dark Knight Rises), a hat, and some boots but was freezing cold in his jeans. I don’t recall him having any gloves either. Then, of course, there was Jay in his thin, satin costume braving the elements and climbing all over the snow for the sake of good photos.

David was holding an umbrella over me and my camera (mostly my camera), but the wind was so intense that it hardly mattered. I can only imagine just how funny and surprising it must have been to see us out there. Several people stopped to watch, including at least two different groups of kids. The best part was that nearly everyone recognized who Jay was supposed to be right away.

I’d love to say I’ll never be crazy enough to go out into the snow like that again, but we all know that would be a lie. Much like I’m sure I’ll find myself out at the sand dunes once more this summer, I know that come next winter there will be some reason or another to take photos in the snow. But, it’s always worth the lousy weather and rough terrain to get some spectacular photos with friends.

No photos

One thing is for sure though, the cold really DID bother us, anyway!



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