Cosplay: Becoming Sera From Dragon Age: Inquisition (Part 3)

So we’ve seen Part 1 and Part 2 of how I created my Sera costume, so now it’s onwards and upwards to part 3. But before I go on with how I created the knee-pads and belts (that’s part 4), I’m going to focus on the things I needed to buy to make the outfit sing. Mainly, that’s a wig, shoes and elf ears.

I’ve never bought elf ears before, and wasn’t really even sure how such a prosthetic worked. Fortunately, I found an Etsy shop that sold some wonderfully perfect light-flesh painted ears. Unfortunately, it seems that shop is now defunct. I also bought some edge filler (which I still can’t figure out how to use), some adhesive that keeps those ears on all day and well into the night and adhesive remover (believe me, you need it) from that same shop. I’m running low, though, so I’ll have to find another solution. But I think the ears look great!

Elf ears

I also needed boots similar to Sera’s. I thought about finding a pair that was close, and then just adding straps and things. Here’s what her boots look like.

Sera boots

After much searching on Amazon, though, looking for “boots with straps,” I found a pair that were not only close, but also the perfect color and even looked a little worn, just like Sera’s. They’re also not expensive and fairly comfortable: win-win!

Sera Boots

That left one more item required that I couldn’t make: the wig. The cool thing about Sera’s hair is that she doesn’t care what it looks like and pretty much hacked at it with a knife. So I found a blonde wig on eBay. And once it came in, I just cut it randomly with scissors until it looked similar to Sera’s hair.


For make-up, this tutorial was beyond helpful. Although I didn’t have to add the freckles, because I already have those naturally. 😛

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