Let’s Not Forget Who We Are

In light of recent events, I’d like to ask everyone who is a fan of something to start really looking at what’s going on in the geek/nerd community. Growing up, if we found someone who even remotely liked the same things that we liked, we’d found an instant best friend. Now, the community spends a lot of time yelling at other fans because maybe they didn’t like a certain iteration of a thing or because they don’t like another thing or liked this one thing that someone else didn’t like.
This is not how it’s supposed to be. The whole point of finding each other and finding people with similar passions is that we can share them and enjoy them. Sure, we can debate them, but being a jerk because someone disagrees with you goes against everything we once were.
So stop posting crap like “If you didn’t like ___, you’re an idiot” on social media. Or “If you like ___, you’re an idiot.” Because seriously, that makes you a BAD fan and not a good one. And not a member of a community I’d like to belong to as a long-time geek and nerd.
Geeks won. We’re in the majority now. We rule the world. Those who don’t identify as nerds have iPhones BECAUSE OF US. Let’s show them what it means to be proud of who we are and our community instead of tearing each other down.
With that being said, how about that Rogue One trailer?
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