Shut Up And ConGT

I know, I know, I’m failing this blog and Arrow is going to come at me at some point and tell me that. I’m really trying to keep up, but with work and a new novel in the works, it’s hard. So I skipped the annual Gallifrey One post, and I did have an amazing time this year and even premiered my Harley Quinn/Rose Tyler mash-up cosplay. There were many shenanigans there and at Disneyland. So instead of doing a long-winded post about that, here are some photos.

Photos with John Hurt and Michelle Gomez

Disneyland and Gallifrey One

Sadly, this is my last Gallifrey One until probably 2018 because next year, I want to go to Egypt, and that costs money.

However, I do want to blog about ConGT, because this year was its second year, and I still feel like it’s my home con (more like my family con because I spent most of the weekend hugging people). My 2016 ConGT adventure began on Friday, March 25th with a VIP party. You see, I was a guest at the con (and will be until the day I die because I won’t give them a choice!) and the VIP party is a chance to hang out with folks and the other guests, one of those being Colin Baker, the 6th Doctor. I got a chance to chat with Colin throughout the evening, along with some dear friends, and it was literally the most fun I’ve had in a long time. There was also wine and sangria, which I’m sure also played a part. I even dressed up in something other than cosplay.

Me and Colin Baker
My new favorite Doctor

Did I mention what an absolutely charming man Colin is? If not, HE IS! He’s the type of person that can insult you and it sounds so good that you just say “thank you.” (Don’t worry, he didn’t insult me. I got lots of compliments, though. Insert my swelling ego here.)

On Saturday, I decided to whip out my Harley/Rose mash-up cosplay again, which turned out to be a really big hit.

Harley Rose and the Weeping Angel
I don’t think the angel is weeping. I think it’s embarrassed by my shenanigans.

I did a cosplay panel early in the day and then also got to sit in on judging for the costume contest, which was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. To me, anyone who puts on a costume wins! Seriously, I don’t like judging costumes, although now that I’ve won a few contests, I know what it’s all about. But still, I will repeat, EVERYONE IS A WINNER.

Perhaps the highlight of the day, though, was the Doctor Who wedding. And yeah, sure, it’s been done before, but not like this: Colin Baker walked down the aisle with the flower girl, throwing petals everywhere (and on people). Yes, the 6th Doctor was a flower girl in the wedding. There will never be a wedding ever that cool. I didn’t take photos because I was too busy being in shock at how AWESOME this wedding was. It was also beautiful and Edward Owen delivered a beautiful speech about companionship that made me cry. I also liked the ring bearer, who was dressed as the 6th Doctor. It was just perfect.

But that wasn’t the end of the day: oh, no, there was more fun to be had. There was a fashion show that featured some absolutely stunning and beautiful dresses with geeky themes. It’s just like this con couldn’t et any better, but then it did!

But it still wasn’t over! After grabbing a quick bite to eat, I put on my super secret cosplay that I pulled together in a day about a week before the con for the 80s dance party. I decided to throw together a quick Tegan from “Resurrection of the Daleks” because it’s a costume I’ve always wanted to do. But my, that skirt was short on me. But it worked and people got it, so go me. I basically used paint markers on a $4 t-shirt and then bought a cheap pleather skirt. Everything else came out of my closet: and I didn’t have to wear a wig, which is almost a first.

Brave heart, Tegan.

First stop? The bar. We chatted there with some people about the experience of Gallifrey One and talked about some other random stuff, too. There were also some yummy Who-inspired drinks available (I liked the Rose Tyler).

Before the dance party started, though, Legs Nose Robinson – this AWESOME Doctor Who-inspired band – played a set. And I got grabbed out onto the dance floor by a friend’s little girl. We danced and danced and danced. And then danced some more. At some point, I was finally done.

But I thought it would be a brilliant idea to have some Girl Scout cookies before bedtime. So I woke up with indigestion at one point and thought I was dying (I wasn’t). Eventually, I got back to sleep, though, but still didn’t manage to sleep in. I was too excited. I was having too much fun.

Sunday was a more relaxed day, so I put on my Moment and spent a lot of time just hanging with people, getting hugs and just enjoying being with my people. But then, 1 p.m. rolled around and I participated in a wonderful writers panel. It was really cool to be up on the stage with writers with all kinds of experiences. After the panel, we set up some tables and I actually sold and signed some books. Everyone on that panel was seriously awesome and I’ll count them among my friends now from here on out (sorry, y’all don’t have a choice in that.)

Then I did a sci-fi panel where we started out by discussing the wonderfulness that is The Expanse, but then ended up talking about cons and Star Trek and a load of other things. This is what happens when you get geeks together. That, too, was a lot of fun.

But all good things must come to an end, and it was time for the closing ceremonies. We found out that I’d return next year (dur) and that Sophie Aldred and Andrew Cartmel would join us. Colin called me a “star” and made my head swell even bigger, if that’s possible. We said our goodbyes, I hugged everyone and then I headed home, very sad about having to leave. Really, I did not want to leave. This was like the hardest time leaving I think I’ve ever had. I love these people. LOVE THEM. They are part of me now. And now I just have to count down the days until next year.

I didn’t take a lot of photos, mostly because I was just having so much fun, I forgot! But here are the few I did take:

ConGT Photos

We also did a video with ConGT attendees dancing and singing to “Shut Up And Dance” by Walk The Moon. This sums up the amazing weekend pretty well:

There was one random moment on the way home, though. I was grabbing some quick food at Sonic about an hour outside of Clarksville, TN, and the car hop saw the Dalek sticker on my car: he was a Doctor Who fan. I told him about ConGT and invited him to join the family next year.

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