GeekGirlCon 2015: Maximize Your Fun

Ever since my first time attending GeekGirlCon (GGC) back in 2013, I knew that it was special. It quickly won over my heart. There’s just something about the environment of GGC that sets it apart from all other conventions I go to. I think it’s a combo of the unique panels, diverse vendor’s hall, and the strong sense of community that just create for an experience unlike any others I’ve had at a con. This is the con I spend all year looking forward to and have not been disappointed by yet (and I doubt I ever will be!)

Considering its name, some people have asked me if GGC excludes men or has some kind of “uber-feminist” agenda. This is simply not the case. GGC is about celebrating the female geek, yes, but it’s also about diversity and inclusion. No one is ever shunned or turned away from this con. Not to mention, GGC is the first con that I knew of that offered gender neutral bathrooms to provide a safe space for everyone attending. Additionally, there are always a multitude of inclusive and diverse panels and workshops including panels about gender, sexuality, and equality.

I attended GGC 2015 with my friends Christina (Urbanflower Designs), David (Ginger Ten), Jay (Raging Storm Cosplay), and Sarah (Rose Quartz Latte Cosplay). All of us were still pretty hyped from our Mad Max weekend a few weeks prior and decided to attend con in our Mad Max gear. I wore my Furiosa dress on Saturday of the con while Christina, David, and Jay wore their Furiosa, Max, and Nux cosplays respectively. With high hopes, the three of them entered the cosplay contest.

First thing we did when getting to GGC was check out the dealer’s hall and artist alley. I’ve always been a fan of their dealer’s hall because the convention has always done an excellent job to cultivate their booths to provide for a varied and unique convention shopping experience. Sarah and I both fell in love with the art at the Studio Catawampus booth. I ended up getting three prints, one of Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road, a scientist otter complete with goggles and beakers, and this retro space penguin holding a ray gun as a rocket lands in the distance. I also ended up getting all the Mad Max prints that Meg McMuffins had at her booth which included Immortan Senpai, How to Woo a Warboy, and Nux’s Happily Ever After. I could not be more pleased with my purchases.

After buying all the aforementioned art, it was nearly time for the costume contest. Sarah and I headed towards the cosplay contest room to get a good seat so we could loudly cheer for all our friends. While it was a fun contest to view, sadly there was a cat-walk that was highly underused during the contest. As such, what I thought was going to be a great spot for the contest ended up only being mediocre at best. Still, I got some decent photographs of some of the contestants. Our Mad Max crew didn’t end up placing in the contest but they were well received by the audience!

Following the contest, I went to a panel my friend Kristina Horner was hosting with a few other YouTubers. They talked about what it’s like making money on Youtube, what this consists of on a day-today basis, how it’s changed as the market has grown, and they gave some advice for people looking to also make money on Youtube. I found it rather educational considering that’s exactly what I’m looking to do with my own production company, Headcanon Productions.

Once the panel was done, con was nearly over the day. All of us were pretty tired. David and Jay had stayed up most of the night before working on cosplay (#cosplaylife, amirite?) and I still had some homework to finish. So, we opted to head home and get an early start on Sunday.


When we arrived at con on Sunday, my main focus was hanging out with friends and getting photos of all the excellent cosplayers. I had gotten all my shopping done Saturday, so I didn’t spend too much time in the dealer’s hall save for a couple of times I popped over to check on a few friends at their booths.

One of the other things I love about cons in general is how easy it can be to make friends. I feel this is especially so at GeekGirlCon. I think this is thanks to its smaller size and just the dynamics of the con in general. We ended up having in impromptu dance party near the escalators on the second floor and many attendees joined us. It was a lot of fun.

We also roped a few people into making this wonderful Fashionista video starring Jay as Thranduil, the Party Elf King. This video was definitely a highlight of the con for me. Where else will you see Thranduil teaching Ruby Rhod, Star-Lord, The Fonz, and Capable how to be fabulous? I’m looking forward to making more convention videos with friends and other attendees.

I’ve said it before but I will gladly repeat myself: GeekGirlCon is one of my absolute favorite conventions and I eagerly await its return every October. I’ll see you in the fall GGC; you’ve got me as a loyal attendee forever!

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