This Teen Titans Cosplay Is Extraordinary

Being a cosplayer, I follow a lot of other cosplayers on social media. That means that I often get to see some of the best costumes on the planet (seriously, I have very talented friends). So when this Teen Titans cosplay popped up on my Facebook feed, I was immediately floored by just how awesome it is. Fortunately, I met Eberle Cosplay at Gallifrey One a few years ago (and he’s one of the best Captain Jack Harkness cosplayers I’ve ever seen), so I asked nicely if I could post this wonderful cosplay here.

Perhaps the most impressive thing is that these guys and gals put these costumes together in a little over a week.

Check out their awesome cosplay below and be sure to visit their individual pages for more of their great work.

Teen Titans Cosplay

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