Off to the Fury Road

Part of the crew debuted their cosplay at PAX Prime 2015. From left to right: Urbanflower Designs (Furiosa), Gingerten (Max), Glowcircuit Studios (Warboy), and Rawrbomb (Immortan Joe)

In one week, I’ll be packing up my camera gear and hopping in a truck bound for the Beverly Sand Dunes in Eastern, WA with several other Mad Max enthusiasts for one of my most epic and massive photoshoots to date.

Some WIP photos of Gingerten’s Max Rockatansky cosplay

The moment I first saw Mad Max: Fury Road back in May I fell madly in love. I just knew I had to do photoshoot. My buddy, Gingerten, had already seen the movie twice by the time he went with me and had already started planning out a Max Rockatansky cosplay. So, I talked it over with him and a photoshoot was suddenly in the works!

Some WIP photos of Urbanflower Design’s Imperator Furiosa cosplay

At first we thought about doing something local. However, the more we got to talking, we realized how badass and authentic it’d be do go on a small road trip out to the sand dunes. No one wants to do a Mad Max shoot in the middle of the city, after all. You gotta go find some wastelands, or in our case, some sand dunes in middle-of-nowhere Mattawa, WA.

Some WIP photos of Rawrbomb’s Immortan Joe cosplay

Once we made the decision to go all out for this, I reached out to the cosplay community and started gathering interested parties. Not only have we amassed a great crew of cosplayers, we’ve also scored the use of a few bikes and old military vehicles.

Gingerten has even been working on modifying his ATV with his dad.
Badass vehicles we get to use!








With nearly 30 people involved, it’s by far one of the largest photoshoots I’ve ever planned that wasn’t a meet up at a con. This shoot started out as a crazy wonderful “what if” idea that Gingerten and I came up with. But, after months of planning and recruiting, I am so unbelievably pumped for it to become a reality!

Some WIP photos of The Wives cosplays. From left to right: Abie Eke (Toast the Knowing), Serkewen cosplay (Capable), and Beki (The Splendid Angharad)

Everyone has been working so hard on their outfits and vehicles for this shoot. There has been thrifting, junk yard picking, scrap metal foraging, sewing, welding, and weathering (so.much.DIRT) for this labor of love. I have no doubt in my mind that this shoot is going to be a complete success and I can’t wait to show you all.

WIP photos from a few people in the shoot. From left to right : Tracy Getty (general wastelander), Aleesh Cosplay (Valkyrie), and Glowcircuit Studios (Warboy). From top to bottom goggles have been modified and belong to: Tracy Getty, Jeff Woods, and Jay Wayne

So, stay tuned for photos from the shoot!



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