Drive On: The Real Cars Used in Mad Max: Fury Road and Furious 7

There are films that revolve around cars, where the cars become stars themselves. With computer generated effects, it’s easy to create futuristic vehicles, miles ahead of the ones we see on our roads today. Yet, in two recent movies that are famous for their unique vehicles and auto themes; Mad Max: Fury Road and Furious 7; all cars pictured are real vehicles that have been modified in various ways. Here, we take a look at the real cars that have become icons of their own, used in these two blockbusters. If you are a car fan make sure you are using a portable air compressor.

Mad Max: Fury Road

A movie in which the cars are as much in the spotlight as the characters themselves, here are the top 3 Mad Max: Fury Road icons, and the cars behind them.

Mad Max’s V8 Interceptor

The Ford XB Falcon is a staple in the Mad Max movies.  It was created between 1973 and 1976 by Ford Australia, based off the original U.S. Ford 1960 Falcon.

Interceptor1Immortan Joe’s Gigahorse

The Gigahorse, belonging to the Fury Road villain Immortan Joe is a modified Cadillac CoupeDeVille. Welding two Cadillac bodies atop a huge truck resulted in its creation. If you look closely, you can identify the various elements of the Gigahorse in the picture below.

Imperator Furiosa’s “War Rig”

The war rig, driven by Imperator Furiosa is a combination of three cars. A Czechoslovakian Tatra and Chevy Fleetmaster are joined together, behind which trail a big fuel tank and pod trailer. On top of this contraption, you can see a Volkswagen Beetle shell that has been welded on.


Furious 7

Did you know that only 10% of the stunts in Furious 7 were computer generated? To perfect the scenes, a total of 340 cars were used in the making of the movie, out of which 230 were harmed in some way. But part of this can be compensated with the fact that there have always been cars which have often been reused, dodging the cost of a brand new one everytime a car is scathed. But the icing on the cake comes when there are dealers offering you a heavenly ‘Buy here, pay here‘ policy. While the cars themselves weren’t as modified as in Mad Max: Fury Road, Furious 7’s swanky vehicles and insane car stunts are its own claim to fame. Here are the top 3 cars that are seen in Furious 7:

1970 Dodge Charger

Domonic Toretto’s signature car, the 1970 Dodge Charger is modified and featured in Furious 7. This Fast and Furious icon is seen on all the movies, originally belonging to Dom’s father, as the story goes.

Lykan Hypersport

This is the most expensive car to ever feature in a Fast and Furious film. It was made by W Motors, a Beirut-based company. There are only 7 of these cars in the world, and they feature diamonds embedded into the headlights amongst other customizable effects.

Aston Martin DB9

This is the car used by the villain, Deckard Shaw. In the movie, this car faces a head on collision with Dom’s vehicle, causing a massive amount of damage.

Which cars in these movies do you favor or wonder about? Leave a reply in the comments section below!

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