Top 10 Animated Doctor/Nurse Characters of All Time

Often considered as merely supporting figures, doctors and nurses are the ones that heal our beloved lead characters in comic books, TV shows, movies and more; and bring them back to health. They are also often the source of endless entertainment, drama,  and much laughter. Here are 10 famous animated doctor and nurse characters, that definitely deserve some recognition for the great roles they play!

Dr. “Nick” Riviera

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Part of the signature yellow cartoons that are The Simpsons, Dr. “Nick” Riviera is an inept physician who has a medical degree from “Hollywood Upstairs Medical College”. He always enters a scene with his catchphrase “Hi Every body!” and in return, he is greeted with a chorus of “Hi, Dr. Nick!”

Dr. John Zoidberg

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Dr. John Zoidberg (often just called Zoidberg) is the lobster alien staff doctor aboard the Planet Express in the series Futurama. His capabilities as a doctor are often questioned due to his lack of understanding of human physiology.


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Getafix (get-a-fix) is the old druid in the ever-famous Asterix comic books. Known mostly for his strength bestowing “magic potion” (the reason the Romans lose to battles with the Gauls), Getafix also has many other potions and remedies up his sleeve. He is mostly seen carrying a golden sickle.

Nurse Joy

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Nurse Joy (s) are the nurses who take care of the Pokémon. Joy is the family name, and is a play on the Japanese word “joi”, which means woman doctor. Most Nurse Joys have bright pink hair. fair skin, and are able to bring any Pokémon back to full health.

Hello Nurse

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Hello Nurse is a smart and sexy cartoon nurse from the series Animaniacs. She is fawned over by Wakko and Yakko, who always greet her with the famous line “Hellooooo Nurse!

Purple Doctorfish

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Purple Doctorfish is just that – a purple fish who is a doctor in the series Spongebob Squarepants. He is also one of the only fish with fingers.


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Nana is the nurse of the Darling children, Wendy, John and Micheal, who first appeared in the 1953 Disney film Peter Pan. Though she may not fit today’s definition of a nurse (she is often mistaken for a dog),  her loving care and warmth make her a favorite amongst the Darlings.

Linda Carter

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Also known as “Night Nurse”, Linda Carter is a nurse with a cool job – she helps injured superheroes. She first appeared in the Marvel comic book series Daredevil, but was also the lead in the later created series “Night Nurse”

Anne Ghazikanian

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Another Marvel nurse, Anne Ghazikanian is of Armenian origin and appears in the comic book series X-Men. Not a mutant herself, she falls in love with Havok (Alex Summers) after tending to him at the hospital she works in. Eventually, she becomes the resident nurse at the Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, and takes up residence in the mansion.

Dr. Donald Blake

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Dr. Donald Blake was created by the God Odin, as a host body for his son Thor. At some level, Dr. DOnal Blake is Thor, though he lived a completely separate life.  Odin wanted to teach Thor humility, and so sent him to Earth as mortal (Donald Blake), with no memory of his identity as Thor. Eventually, Donald Blake came to care for the sick, and succeeded as a doctor with his own private practice.


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