ConGT Announces Colin Baker And Other Guests

Colin Baker, the Sixth DoctorRemember when I mentioned my new favorite con, Con GT? Well, plans are already in motion for ConGT Squared, which happens next year in Clarksville, TN. Not only that, but today, con organizers announced the first batch of guests.

First up, the con welcomes Wayne Neumaier’s BRAUN the Dalek. Yes, WE HAVE A DALEK.

As if that wasn’t awesome enough, the second guest announced was… drumroll, please… Robin Burks! Oh, wait, that’s me! Yes, I will be a guest at next year’s ConGT again, which is awesome because I had so much fun at this year’s convention. I plan on having some books available for sale and signing, too, so be looking for more information on that.

Finally, ConGT welcomes the sixth Doctor, Colin Baker! I’m sure the con is really excited about having Baker on board (I sure am) and having seen him at other cons, I’ve already seen just how much fun he is.

For tickets and more information, you can visit the official ConGT website

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