Soaring Through Superman Celebration 2015

So this year marked my third year at the Superman Celebration, but my first year doing a whole weekend, as in spent two nights in nearby Paducah so I could attend all the events of the weekend that I wanted. And you know what? This year was the best ever!

Yeah, I’ll probably say that every year. But last year, I made friends, and those friends introduced me to a wonderful group of friends on Facebook, the Superfriends of Metropolis. I’ve had a whole year to get acquainted online with these people, and this year, I met many of them face to face. It seemed like everywhere I went in Metropolis, I bumped into someone I knew from that group.

So this year, Superman Celebration felt just like a big old family reunion.

I began my Friday by leaving my house early enough to make lunch at this wonderful bar and grill called Fat Edd’s, which is where the Superman Super Site was having a meet-up. I arrived and it was jam-packed with people, including people giving away DVDs and things.

Super Site Meet-Up At Superman Celebration

Guess what? I WON A DVD! It was pretty cool, because I never meet anyone. I had lunch with my friend Allie, her mom and another Superfriend, Rose.

By the time we were done with lunch, I decided I should head to the hotel in Paducah where I had booked my room (no offense to Metropolis accommodations, but I like to pay less for more, if that makes sense). I got all checked in and cooled off, because well, to say it was hot and humid is putting it lightly.

Then I got all Wonder Woman’d up for a photo shoot at 4:30 p.m. Of course, my superhero partner in crime, Supergirl (Allie) was in the shoot, too.

Wonder Woman and Supergirl

Pardon my squinting, it was also very bright. We posed for some cool photos (which haven’t been uploaded yet) and then it was so hot, that I was ready to go grab some dinner (which I did) and change for my second photo shoot of the day, because, well, I’m crazy.

Hey, guess what the second photo shoot of the day was?

Rose Tyler

That’s right: my favorite fandom, Doctor Who! That was a really fun shoot, and yep, I made new friends. For those wanting to see the photos from that shoot, they’re here on Facebook.

After that, I was hot again (really, I wasn’t going to wear the jacket, but I did anyway, because it just pulls the costume together), but I had a bag of jelly babies to comfort me (I ate them all in one sitting). And although I got invited to a Harry Potter photo shoot (sans costume, because I didn’t know about it beforehand), I was exhausted from the heat, so went back to the hotel to cool off and get some sleep.

The next morning, it was time to get up and at ’em again, because I was sort of working. Caity Lotz (Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow) and Candice PattonĀ (The Flash) were in Metropolis for the Celebration and because I was doing a panel later that day, I got an autograph ticket for that. I met both actresses, who were lovely, and Caity commented on the Wonder Woman necklace I wore, which was a gift from my Superfriend Rose the day before.

Then I grabbed some water, ran down to the Metro tent and waited for their Q&A, which I recorded for an article (you can read that here).

Time for lunch! Obviously, I headed back to Fat Edd’s and had BBQ nachos, which probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do before getting into a corset, but it was worth it. I changed in the bathroom at Fat Edd’s for a 1940s Heroes History panel, which was a LOT of fun. Photos of that can be found here (sorry for all the links, but these aren’t my personal photos).

At some point (I don’t even remember when), I had Kurt Busiez sign my copy of Astro City #1. But it’s all a blur now, because HOT AND HUMID. It was one of those “feels like 100+ degrees” days.

Signed Astro City #1

How awesome is that?

After the Heroes panel, I had to run back to my hotel AGAIN to change for yet ANOTHER photo shoot (I decided to be super social this year, and you know what? BEST IDEA EVER). This time, the shoot was for Supernatural and I signed up as Mary Winchester. Which is, basically, a blonde wig and a night gown. Let me tell you… that was the most comfortable and cool costume of the weekend.

That was also the most fun I’ve ever had on a photoshoot. This is a fun group of people. Seriously, check this out. This guy cosplayed Ash! Everyone’s favorite dude in a mullet, right?

Supernatural Ash cosplay

We don’t yet have all the photos in from that shoot yet, but there are a few here. I look so angelic in my white nightgown, right?

It was nearly 9 p.m. by the time we were done, so I went back to the hotel and passed out. I slept so well that night.

Sunday, though, was the day I would cosplay one of my all-time favorite comic book characters, Death. If you know me or read this blog, you know that Neil Gaiman is my favorite writer. So cosplaying one of his characters was a dream come true.

I had the make-up and everything, but then I went outside and slowly started melting. But here’s a very cool photo I got with one of my new friends, Jeff. I call this “Death and the Joker take a holiday.”
Death and Joker take a holiday

I stayed for the costume contest, but not before getting so hot that I thought I’d pass out and ended up in a t-shirt and shorts instead. You know it’s awful if I’m wearing shorts in public. Because that’s something I NEVER DO. But I thought I was going to pass out in all that black. Seriously, this outside thing in June sucks. And I’m pretty sure that this was the hottest it’s been for me at a Superman Celebration yet. But hey, there’s always next year, right?

Anyway, it was a fun weekend, and although I didn’t get to see the whole costume contest because I had to get home and edit photos and get transcriptions done, I had a blast. Meeting so many wonderful people (and now adding them all on Facebook) is awesome! Now I can’t wait until next year.

Anyway, here are some photos, but also check out my article on cosplay at Superman Celebration over at Tech Times.

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