Highlights from the 2015 Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con

I’m sure if you follow me on social media, you’re already tired of me talking about all the fun I had at this past weekend’s Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con, but I’m still blogging about it, so there! Yes, it was a lot of fun, especially since was my first Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con press gig (I covered the WW Nashville con last year as press).

Having been to a few WW events now, I felt better prepared this time around, especially when it came to budgeting, because I spent entirely too much money at last year’s event. I still went over my budget this time around, but only by about $30, so go me!

I arrived at the con on Friday, and decided to put on my Emma Swan cosplay from Once Upon A Time. Only about three people actually got the costume, so I’m not sure I’ll wear it again, although it is super comfortable. I actually mix and match a lot of the pieces of that costume with my normal everyday clothes, so it’s not a huge loss.

Emma Swan cosplayOf course, wearing a leather jacket inside a crowded convention center in 80+ degree weather got hot, but I was determined to get a photo with Giancarlo Esposito who plays Sidney Glass on the series. I bought my ticket and stood in line only to be told that he wasn’t available for photos that night. Instead of getting a refund, though, I knew I had my STAR Labs t-shirt in my backpack, so I changed and got a photo with Rick Cosnett from The Flash instead. When I met him, I was like “EDDIE!” (If you’ve seen the season finale of The Flash, you’ll understand my distress). He gave me a massive hug and said “I’m still alive. I’m right here.” Totally cool guy.

I came back Saturday, though, and had him sign the photo for me. Look! I’m a babe! I wore my 1941 Wonder Woman costume and he high-fived me and told me I was awesome after he did a double-take because I looked so completely different in costume.

Rick Cosnett and me

It’s a good thing I got that early, though, because Saturday is always the busiest day of the con and there were long lines for everything after that.

Like I said, I wore my Wonder Woman costume on Saturday, which meant I got a lot of attention. This, however, is the first photo I posed for of the day. And probably one of my favorite photos ever because I think it just sort of represents what cosplay means to me.

We are all Wonder Women

By the way, here’s my friend, Allie, and me, dressed in our superhero costumes on Saturday.

Supergirl and Wonder WomanAllie and I had plans to check out the panel with Robin Lord Taylor, so we snuck into the panel before his and munched down on some peanut butter and crackers until we could get further sustenance. Then Allie got up and asked Robin Lord Taylor an awesome question and we both fangirled out. I covered the panel for Tech Times, and you can check that out here.

After that, we got our photo taken with Penguin himself. This is the sort of ironic photo where Supergirl and Wonder Woman team up with one of Batman’s villains. But hey, Penguin is COOL.

Supergirl, Penguin and Wonder Woman

He’s a very sweet guy, but unlike Rick, he’s not a hugger. I think he’s still sort of getting used to being famous. But he’s earned it because he is, seriously, the best actor on Gotham.

With that out of the way, we ate an overpriced slice of pizza (well, actually it was a BIG slice of something that tasted a lot like a Digiorno) and walked around the floor posing for photos. We took a lot of Justice League shots, and did I get any for myself? Of course not. Dur. I was too busy taking cosplay photos of other people for work. And then I had to go to the Agent Carter panel with Hayley Atwell and Lyndsy Fonseca. You can read more about that here. Both women are now my two new favorite feminist icons.

So that’s about it for Saturday. I wandered around the showroom floor… well, I limped because Wonder Woman’s boots hurt after being in them all day. I got more cosplay photos and took off, deciding to get a good night’s rest for the next day.

Which arrived quickly. Sunday brought on one of my favorite costumes of the weekend: Liv from iZombie.

Liv cosplay from iZombie

And with the show being new, I wasn’t sure people would get it, but I posed for more photos as Liv than as Wonder Woman! Everyone talked about how much they loved that show. And the icing on the cake is when the real Liv (actress Rose McIver) saw a photo of me on Twitter and replied that she “loved it!” This one is definitely a keeper.

I spent Sunday working, when I wasn’t posing for photos, getting a few more cosplay photos, as well as a few shots of some of the guests. Unfortunately, it was finally time to go home, and thanks to the fuel provided by a Starbucks S’mores frappucino, the three-hour drive went quickly.

For some of the photos I took over the weekend, you can check out my gallery over at Tech Times. But here are a few more for your viewing pleasure, including this guy who stole the hot sauce from my cosplay.

Michael Rooker with my hot sauce

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