Here’s Why I’m Excited that John Barrowman is Coming to Gallifrey One

 John BarrowmanWell, it’s about that time of the year again: when many Doctor Who fans gear up and prepare for THE Doctor Who con/event of the year: Gallifrey One. We’ll don our Rose Tyler costumes, practice our Dalek impressions and start writing parody lyrics for karaoke.

Me? I’m pretty much ready to go and even finished my BioShock Infinite TARDIS cosplay early. Yes, I know, I owe you a full run-down of that costume and now that the holidays are over, you just may get that soon,  complete with photos. Until then, though, I’m just going to post here about how excited I was when Gallifrey One announced John Barrowman as a guest a few days ago.

I secretly hoped he’d be the big headliner this year and all signs pointed to it, but I’ve been known to be wrong before (I inaccurately predicted we’d have David Tennant last year at the con). But this year brings a lot of Torchwood actors, including Eve Myles and Burn Gornman (Kai Owen recently canceled). So this year’s con was looking very Torchwood-like. How could we do Torchwood stuff without Captain Jack Harkness?

For me, though, I’ve been chasing Barrowman down since my last trip to Paris. You see, I was in Paris when he was in Paris with his family several years ago. And although I followed his tweets and tried to track his location, we never managed to bump into each other. Quelle horror! But while he was there, he managed to help out a few local homeless families, which made him even more awesome in my book.

But, I’ll be honest here, the most important reason why I’m excited about meeting John Barrowman is this:

Rose Tyler Cosplay

Yes, that’s right. I cosplay Rose Tyler. And this particular costume, one of my favorite cosplays, is from The Doctor Who episodes “The Empty Child” and “The Doctor Dances.” Do you know why those episodes are so relevant here? They’re the episodes that introduced John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness to the world. And I need a photo opp of me in this costume with John Barrowman.

Btw, I’m holding a Farscape DVD cover in that image, because I was standing in line for Ben Browder’s autograph a few Gallifrey One con’s ago. Also, that photo was taken by Alex Halcyon.

So yes, I need to meet Captain Jack, for a good cosplay photo. This is what geeks do, people! And, hopefully, I’ll get him to sign said photo once it’s done.

I’m also excited about Eve Myles at the con because I got a photo of her with Kai Owen during my very first Gallifrey One many moons ago. Kai signed it, but Eve wasn’t there. So it still needs her signature. So this year’s Gallifrey One is about making a few long-time dreams come true.

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