The Ninth Doctor Returns in Comic Book Mini-Series

9th Doctor ComicThe Ninth Doctor Makes A Comeback, At Least In The Doctor Who Comic Books.

It’s official. The Ninth Doctor is back! Well, sort of, at least. IDW announced yesterday that the Ninth Doctor will get his very own mini-series comic book run in a story called “Weapons of Past Destruction.”

The comic picks up after The Doctor and Rose pick up Captain Jack during World War II. The three discover that Time Lord tech that was lost during the Time War is now being sold on an intergalactic black market. Now, a new temporal war is imminent. Can the trio stop the new war in time?

Even more awesome about this new comic is its artist: Blair Shedd. Shedd is a favorite here at and we even interviewed him once about his previous experience with Doctor Who comics.

You’ll be able to get the first issue of the new comic in March 2015. It’s sure to be “fantastic!”

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