Beastmaster Marc Singer Takes On Arrow

Marc SingerIt’s official, Beastmaster and V star Marc Singer is set to arrive in the world of The CW’s Arrow sometime in this third season. Singer will be taking on the role of General Matthew Shrieve, a character from DC comics that is the leader of a group called the “Creature Commandos.” This group includes Frankenstein’s monster, a vampire, a werewolf and a gorgon.

The scenes with Singer will be the flashback scenes, so it’s unlikely we’ll see the creatures, particularly since they don’t really fit into the world The CW has created with Arrow. However, we’re seeing a bit more of the supernatural sneak in, so who knows? There’s a likelihood the Lazarus Pit will soon be introduced (how else will Ollie return from the dead?), so maybe eventually, anything goes.

Fortunately, we don’t have long to wait to see what Oliver’s fate is. Arrow returns to The CW on January 21st. Just one more month (or so) to go.


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