Haven Sneak Peek: “Chosen”

Okay, so what did Mara do to Duke on Haven? Because that does not look like a very nice thing. Just when I think that maybe that character is redeemable, she does something so despicable that I want to spit on her. Of course, Emily Rose seems to be loving playing this character, and I can’t be the only person thinking she deserves an Emmy for her performance as Mara this season.

Of course, we can’t even get Emmys for Tatiana Maslany from Orphan Black, so I’m dreaming. I’m sure Hollywood will go up in flames the day it decides to recognize genre TV outside of Game of Thrones.

But I digress. On this week’s Haven, Duke starts learning about just how screwed he is with this new “trick” Mara has given him. And it’s bad, really bad. So much so that this sneak peek at the new episode is not for the squeamish. While Duke is freaking out, Nathan and Audrey are desperately trying to figure out how to stop Mara. Good luck with that, guys.

Don’t miss Haven Friday nights on Syfy at 7/6 p.m. EST/CST.

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