Z Nation Sneak Peek: “Going Nuclear”

I don’t about you all, but my mind is still reeling from that weird¬†Inception episode of Z Nation last week. However, I’m happy that last week’s clip turned out to be nothing more than a dream, because I was freaking out.

But let’s face it, things never let up on this show. This week, the team is “Going Nuclear,” literally, when they have to go up against an army of radioactive zombies. That’s right, I said RADIOACTIVE ZOMBIES. It doesn’t get any better than this (well, at least until we get something else next week). But why are they going up against glowing zombies? Well, turns out they’re trying to prevent a nuclear plant from going into meltdown.

Watch this sneak peek and don’t forget to watch¬†Z Nation on Syfy Friday at 10/9 CST. And remember, “don’t hug the zombies.”

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