Z Nation Sneak Peek: “Welcome to the FU Bar”

Z Nation Sneak Peek: "Welcome to the FU Bar"

Murphy gets bite happy in new sneak peek for Z Nation.

So I finally got caught up on Z Nation, although I’d had last week’s major event spoiled by the cast of the show at the Syfy digital press tour (believe me, I’m not complaining). It still hit me kind of hard, but it’s nice to know this show has no problems in “going there.” I’m perfectly okay with that. To quote the series co-creator Mark Schaefer, “No one is safe.”

That’s good to know. And it makes me wonder if our favorite zombie killers are ever even going to make it to California, especially now that Murphy seems to be undergoing some sort of weird transformation. He’s not quite zombie, but just what is he, exactly?

Let’s just say that things are getting even more hairier for the guy, too, as evidenced in this sneak peek clip.

Don’t miss Z Nation tomorrow, Friday, at 10/9 c. It’s going to be a doozy. And if you want to read more about the show, be sure to read the article I wrote over at T-Lounge: The cast of ‘Z Nation’ talks zombie babies and what they really think about ‘The Walking Dead.’

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