How to Get An Autograph From 4th Doctor Tom Baker

How to Get An Autograph From 4th Doctor Tom Baker

Tom Baker autographs available via his website. Part of the proceeds go to charity.

For those of us stuck in the US, with now way of attending UK conventions, we’re in luck. Tom Baker, aka the 4th Doctor on Doctor Who is offering up autographs on his website (and has done so for awhile), for those of us unable to get them otherwise. Baker doesn’t do North American conventions because traveling aggravates his health concerns, so this could be our best bet to get a signed photo.

Arguably, Baker is one of the most favorite Doctors of all time, so I’d say this is a “do not miss” opportunity. It’s not the same as meeting him in person, but for me, personally, it will do.

Even better, part of the proceeds of all autographs purchased on Baker’s site (10 percent) is being donated to St. Michael’s Hospice in St. Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex.

You can choose cards and photographs for autographs on the sight, or you can send in personal items, such as video/DVD covers, photos, books and other similar items.

Official Tom Baker Website

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