Kingdom Come gets fan film treatment

Kingdom Come gets fan film treatment

Comics fans create short film featuring story from DC Comics’ Kingdom Come.

One thing that perplexes me is the fact that DC is so focused on making a movie about the Justice League that it’s missed a far more interesting story, that told in 1990s graphic novel written by Mark Waid and Alex Ross, Kingdom Come. It’s probably my favorite DC story ever told, but the fact that it’s not on film confuses me (although let’s face it, DC doesn’t seem to be as good at this as Marvel).

The story, which was an Elseworld story, was set in the future, where older superheroes like Superman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League are facing new superheroes that are more like amoral vigilantes than anything else. Batman, who is in the middle of the two groups, spends his time trying to keep everyone calm, while also preventing a war between superheroes that could end the world.

Doesn’t that sound awesome? Why is this not a thing on film?

DC’s loss, though, are fans’ gains. And now, a group of fans have come together to create a short film based on “Kingdom Come.” Sure, it’s not Hollywood quality, but it looks good and has some good scenes that capture the essence of what is arguably one of the best superhero stories ever told.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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