Help A Fellow Cosplayer Walk Again

I hate it when bad things happen to people I know. A friend of mine, someone I met at Gallifrey One convention last year, has broken his kneecap and now needs an expensive surgery and rehab. He doesn’t have insurance or the means to pay for either, and so there’s a campaign on GoFundMe set up to raise funds to help him out. He’ll also have to miss work, so this injury is going to seriously hurt him financially.

If that doesn’t convince you, I would also like to point out that Isaac is one of the best 10th Doctor cosplayers I’ve ever seen – seriously, the first time I saw him in costume, I thought David Tennant had walked into the room. And I know that the cosplay community is strong (and I cover it often here on the site) and this is our chance to help one of our own.

You can donate here. I thank you, Isaac thanks you and the cosplay community thanks you.

Help a fellow cosplayer walk again

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